General Frequent questions

Q1. Where can I find Cybic bike ?

A: Cybic bike will start sell on Amazon USA from the April, for the rest of countries you may send us an enquire and then we will inform to the closest distributors

Q2. Where can I get price of those bikes?

A: According to different standards applied in different countries, product specifications and price may be various. We will inform you the price which apply your country’s standard.

Q3. Can I buy one sample for business purposes?

A: for business relation, please find our contract email, our sale representative will reply you within 12 hours.

Q4. How can I expect on product warranty?

A: we will offer two years free warranty for the whole bike.

Q5. For business customer, can Cybic offer any ODM bike for my own brand ?

A:  we would like to cooperate with other brand together, please leave a massage or send us an email about you let request.