CES questions ( special models E- Legend Plus and Aquarius)

Q1: where can I buy  those two bikes ?

A: They are on the way to certify from Alexa Voice system, we update those to our Amazon USA and release to our distributors shortly. Please follow us on FaceBook or LinkedIn, we will update our latest schedule.

Q2. What’s the price  of those two models

A: price will be released when they are available on the market.

Q3: What will Alexa do for my riding ?

A: As all AI technology, Alexa will learn from communication with user. And it will keep updating after finalize the first stage innovation and certification. At this moment, software functions, Alexa will interact with you during your riding and you may ask like where is the nearest Starbucks, Alexa will response you where to go. Or, you may ask Alexa to set a ride for 200 calories.

Q4: how can I get more information about bikes ?

For more information you can visit us on www.cybicspirt.com  

Q5. What about I want to contract for business purpose ?

A: you can find our business relation contract on website, if none is relevant, you will send email to cybic@cybicspirt.com as general enquire.

Q6. Do you have other color options for those bikes.

A: Each bike will have three color options. You may check more option from our website.

Q7. Can I buy those bike with customized specification or do you have more models.

A: we are several models and they are designed for different scenarios such as commuting, transporting or sporting. You will find one fit with your demand. See on your website.