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As the first folding bicycle developed and designed by Cybic, Aquarius features a distinctive frame. It adopts an integrated design with an ingenious folding structure. When folded, its size is similar to a medium-sized suitcase, allowing it to fit perfectly in the trunk of your car. The Aquarius’s frame passed the ISO standard test of strength, vibration, fatigue and pedal, with higher than average results. With excellent flexibility and toughness, it not only guarantees the bicycle’s strength, but also reduces the weight of the body. The frame size and angles are strictly ergonomic, providing a comfortable and relaxing experience.


The Aquarius uses a speed-sensing motor, which provides a faster and more sensitive power output along with a stable power supply, giving its users an instant access to the simple urban life. With its stable power output, the high-performance speed-sensing motor keeps the motor cool and silent even during long rides.

Battery for Seat Post

The built-in battery at the seat post not only improves the safety of the bicycle, but also makes the body more streamlined. With the battery embedded in the seat post and hidden in the frame, the Aquarius takes on a petite look. The motor box, with a thickness of 2.5mm, is stronger and better protects the central power system.
The Aquarius uses a Samsung 3500 7AH lithium battery, providing lasting power with precision and efficiency. The unique design of battery and the removable seat post makes charging an easy job. In addition, the whole body of the Aquarius is waterproof, so it can be used in many scenarios.

LCD Display

Equipped with an intelligent LCD display that has a 5 level speed regulator, you can monitor the current speed, maximum speed, average speed, travel distance and travel time during the ride.


The braking system adopts TEKTRO high quality front and rear double disc brake M280, and mechanical disc brake, which can double guarantee the safety of cycling.


To ensure a comfortable ride, CYBIC custom saddles are made of high-quality memory foam, which doesn’t deform or lose elasticity after long-term use.
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