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Product Development Services

Unleashing Innovation: Elevate Your Bicycle Vision with Our Product Development Services

As a dedicated bicycle manufacturer, we go beyond producing high-quality bikes—we prioritize innovation and research and development (R&D) of our products. Through our meticulously designed product development services, we assist you in creating distinctive, market-leading bicycle products. Here's an overview of our R&D service process and focus areas:

National Level Testing Center

Explore CYBIC INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY's cutting-edge testing center, aligned with international standards, where advanced equipment and technology conduct exhaustive strength assessments. Our comprehensive testing includes tension, compression, torsion, and meticulous surface inspections. High-resolution devices are employed to detect any potential defects or imperfections, ensuring impeccable product appearance and quality. (The R&D team provides a complete list of testing procedures.)

We adhere to European international standards, and our testing center is a critical link in ensuring our products meet these standards. Thorough testing is conducted to ensure our products remain competitive in the international market.
Professional Testing Equipment Showcase
Wheelset Testing
Seatpost Strength Testing
Frame Strength Testing
Chain Testing
Frame Front Fork Impact Test Machine
Universal Testing Machine
Drop Ball Impact Testing Machine
Battery and Charging Test
Salt Spray Test Machine
Electric Motor Testing Machine
Chemical Experiment Apparatus
Vehicle Frame Vibration Test Machine