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Green Travel
At present, it is a golden period for the development of the bicycle industry. In view of current events, there is a great demand for a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly way of travel, which is also an opportunity for us. 
As the first choice of low-carbon health, bicycles are particularly popular in this period of time, and major factories are full of orders. However, in the traditional market, there are not many types for young people to choose. 
Therefore, we start to develop self-developed bicycle models which meet the aesthetic needs of young people and stimulate the consumption market of young people.
In addition, with the development of science and technology, modern young people have more diverse requirements for intelligent ecosystem (For example, Apple fans will buy other Apple products in order to match the Apple phone or apple computer at home to create an intelligent ecosystem of their own). 
Therefore, the cybic team saw the potential commercial value. In 2019, the cybic team began to make the bicycle intelligent and make it become a part of the intelligent ecosystem. And the team successfully cooperated with Amazon to launch the world's first bicycle equipped with Alexa intelligent voice assistant. 

Riding the Cybic’s smart bicycle with Alexa intelligent voice assistant is like opening Siri on your ipone. You can give instructions to Alexa during riding, such as querying the nearby coffee shop, or turning on the air conditioner at home, then you can enjoy the convenience brought by the intelligent ecosystem. This innovation has achieved a good market response, and the promotion of intelligent is ongoing. 
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