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Customized Solutions by Cybic Intelligent Technology - Your Trusted OEM/ODM Partner

Discover tailor-made OEM/ODM solutions for electric bicycles and high-end bicycles at Cybic Intelligent Technology. As your reliable partner, we bring innovation, efficiency, and a global perspective to meet your brand's requirements. Explore our capabilities in customized design, efficient production, and collaboration with a global supply chain for unparalleled results.

Product R & D

Compared with other trading companies, we have our own technical personnel as support and can better coordinate the problems encountered by customers. And provide customers with product optimization services.

Supply chain

We have a considerable capacity of factories to support the supply chain resources. In addition to the traditional Chinese factories, we also have factories in Vietnam, Czech Republic, Romania and Africa.


For each order, cybic team has a special person to follow every detail to ensure that every product detail is as close as possible to the needs of customers.
OEM Services Process
We are a dedicated bicycle manufacturing company committed to providing top-notch OEM production services. Understanding the significance of quality, innovation, and customization, we offer a comprehensive OEM service process to ensure your products meet the highest standards and stand out in the market.

Communication and Needs Analysis

At the onset of our collaboration, we engage in thorough communication to understand your needs and expectations. Through in-depth needs analysis, we gain insights into your market positioning, target customers, and product characteristics, enabling us to provide personalized solutions.

Design and Technical Support

With a professional design team and technical experts, we deliver innovative designs and technical support tailored to your requirements. Whether it's frame structure, aesthetic design, or technical specifications, we collaborate with you to ensure product designs align with market trends and meet industry standards.

Sample Production and Confirmation

Before mass production, we create samples for detailed confirmation and feedback from you. This step ensures that product quality and design align with your expectations, providing a reference standard for subsequent production.

Production and Quality Control

Once samples are confirmed, we enter the formal production phase. Employing advanced production equipment and processes, we ensure high product quality and stability. Rigorous quality control measures are implemented to ensure each product meets standards.

Packaging and Logistics

After production, meticulous packaging is undertaken to ensure products remain undamaged during transportation. Collaborating with reliable logistics partners, we guarantee timely and secure delivery of products to our customers.

After-Sales Service

We provide comprehensive after-sales services, ensuring customers have peace of mind during product usage. Additionally, we look forward to establishing long-term, stable relationships with our customers, continuously optimizing products through ongoing communication and collaboration to adapt to market changes.
In terms of freight warehousing, we have overseas warehouses, which can provide certain logistics assistance for customers. In terms of trade, our business is also very professional and skilled, and we can also provide corresponding trade assistance to customers. Our payment method is also relatively flexible and can adjust according to the needs of customers.

Independent research and development design team

We have a mature design and development team, can provide better design services for the concept of customer.

Technical support

We have high-end technicians who are familiar with every part of the bicycle and can assist in providing the best matching scheme.

Products comply with industry trends

We have flexible and accurate control of the relevant industry standards of various countries, which can meet the design needs of customers and meet the local industry standards at the same time. This the common advantage of OEM and ODM.

Own overseas warehouses

Understanding of the industry: designed products can meet the mainstream trend of the industry, and also have distinctive characteristics. We show the brand elements of customers through products.
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