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Why Choose Us

Elevate Your Journey with CYBIC

At CYBIC, we redefine the ride by seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with the joy of cycling. Explore a world where innovation meets passion, delivering unparalleled biking experiences. Discover the reasons why CYBIC stands out as your ultimate choice – from intelligent designs to sustainable solutions. Join us on the path to exceptional rides, where every journey becomes a celebration of innovation, quality, and unmatched commitment to your cycling satisfaction.
6 core advantages

Comprehensive Certification and Qualifications

Compliance and Certification: 
Ensuring that selected foreign bicycle components adhere to relevant regulations and standards within the European Union. This encompasses safety, environmental, and quality standards. Our component suppliers provide documentation verifying compliance and the necessary certification.

Customs Duties and Import Regulations: 
Adherence to EU customs duties and import regulations to guarantee that products imported into the EU are not subject to additional tariffs or trade restrictions.
ISO9001:2008, CE, EN14764, EN15194, EN14766, RoHS, REACH, IP65, EMC & LVD, BSCIcc
Expansive Facilities, Exceptional Capabilities

Comprehensive Support Infrastructure

Our operational excellence extends to specialized workshops for alloy frame and front fork production, complemented by four painting lines. These include three liquid coating lines and one powder coating line, collectively forming a cohesive support system for efficient production.

National-Level Bicycle Testing Center

Equipped with a diverse range of testing equipment for electric bicycles and bicycles, our testing center ensures that our products consistently meet and exceed industry standards. This commitment to quality assurance guarantees that our offerings fulfill the diverse needs of our valued customers.

30,000 Square Meters of Excellence

Situated in the Balitai Industrial Park, Jingnan District, Tianjin, our state-of-the-art facility spans an impressive 30,000 square meters. Here, cutting-edge manufacturing facilities seamlessly integrate with our commitment to quality production.

1 Million Units Annual Capacity

Currently, we boast six assembly lines, collectively achieving an annual capacity of 400,000 electric bicycles and 600,000 traditional bicycles. This exemplifies our dedication to meeting market demands while maintaining the highest standards of production.

Team Strengths

Driving Innovation with Expertise
Our team stands as a powerhouse of expertise, driving innovation across every facet of our operations. Led by seasoned professionals and backed by a diverse group of experts, we ensure that excellence permeates every aspect of our work.

David Wang

Director of Bicycle R&D:
Engineer Wang is the leader of our team, bringing over 20 years of experience in bicycle R&D. Under his guidance, the team is dedicated to advancing bicycle design, ensuring our products meet the highest standards in performance, safety, and reliability.

Sophie Chen

Product Design Manager
Designer Chen infuses our R&D team with creativity. Drawing from a rich design background and previous collaborations with renowned bicycle brands, she spearheads the creation of unique, visually striking bicycle exteriors. Her focus extends to enhancing user experience and ergonomic design.

Henry Yu

Structural Engineer
Engineer Yu, an expert in structural design, brings profound knowledge in materials science and engineering. His role is pivotal in guaranteeing the structural strength, durability, and safety of our bicycles, coupled with a commitment to continuous innovation.

Chris Du

Systems Engineer
Engineer Du, an electric bicycle specialist, leads the team dedicated to advancing electric power systems. Focused on improving battery technology, motor efficiency, and intelligent control systems, he ensures our electric bicycles maintain a leading position in power performance and energy efficiency.

Beyond Boundaries

In addition to our core team, our global workforce includes over 20 highly qualified R&D experts. Their diverse expertise in areas such as new materials research, optimization of electric power systems, structural engineering design, ergonomics, and user experience improvement significantly contributes to our innovation and development journey. Together, we chart the course for a future where innovation knows no limits.
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