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Cooperative Distribution

Parts Manufacturers

The parts manufacturers we work with are all quality suppliers with excellent services and high-quality goods that have passed the strict selection and examination of Cybic, reflecting our high requirements for the quality of products we produce. Rest assured that the quality of our suppliers’ products, such as CE, ISO, CPSC, BS, EN, are definitely up to standard. Moreover, in order to further guarantee the quality of products, we have built our own production base for the main structural parts, producing parts such as bicycle frames, front forks and paint in our own factory.

Polish Assembly Plant

We have established a bicycle assembly plant in Poland. These facilities are typically involved in the assembly, production, and manufacturing of bicycle components.
Global Partnerships with Renowned Component Suppliers
We actively establish collaborative relationships with overseas suppliers to acquire various essential components for E-bike production. This includes core components such as batteries, motors, and control systems.

Global Supply Chain and Service Network Excellence

Explore our seamless global supply chain and robust service network designed to deliver unparalleled efficiency and support worldwide. We are committed to providing exceptional products and services wherever you are.

Overseas Supplier Collaboration

We actively collaborate with global suppliers to procure various components necessary for the production of our products, including batteries, motors, control systems, and other core elements.

Overseas Manufacturing

We have our own factories overseas, where some product components are localized for production and packaging. This ensures that our products meet the specific requirements of the European market.

Overseas After-Sales Service

United States Overseas Warehouse: Storage + Logistics + After-Sales (Repair + Refurbishment)
Europe: Storage + After-Sales (Repair) Locations: United States: Los Angeles Europe: Prussia, Poland
Overseas Service Brands

Global Collaborative Brands

Currently, we have established collaborative mechanisms with several esteemed European brands, wherein we actively engage in the research, development, and manufacturing of their product lines. Our dedication to innovation and production excellence ensures the creation of top-tier products that proudly bear the hallmark of our collaborative efforts.
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