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Business Relation
If you are business customer and looking for a new brand to carry 
We have varies policy for business customer who want to build partnership with Cybic together 
If you are looking for: 
 Products have better margin 
 Unique and attractive product range 
 Experienced team provide sourcing, logistic and after-sale service 
 Flexible payment options 
3-year product guarantee
Experienced technical support team that able to provide training on repair
Flexible shipping arrangement
Join us from prototype stage, we will make your idea become really
Customized design for your special requirement
No exclusive requirement
Rule : need to report all marketing related activities and approve from Cybic
Standard: able to provide after-sale service to user, even charge to Cybic
Able to store inventory at least 50 pcs per model.

Payment policy (the first order is request on cash payment no matter what) 

Price according to order stage 
Credit check
Cybic has right to reserve final explanation on all statement above. Please contract us by information on our website, we will give you more information according to your enquire. 
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