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As a rising novice in the bicycle industry, our passion for innovations drives and guides us to the path of redefining bicycles for the younger generations. From high-level corporate strategies to minute manufacturing details, here at Cybic Sport, mediocrity is never an option. To make every bicycle of ours an expression of today’s Zeitgeist, we have spared no effort and expense.
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Keep Pedaling, Moving Smart

To create a youthful sports brand, we start by giving our products an attitude.

We can provide complete OEM and ODM services, and have the ability of independent research and development. We can also develop and design similar products according to customers' requirements. And we have very flexible control over the trade standard model standards of various countries. 
We can optimize the configuration and adjustment of vehicle types according to the local standards, so as to provide customers with the best cost-effective vehicle models. 
We have a lot of OEM experience: 
we can quickly make the best solution according to the needs of customers, and the customers who have cooperated with us always give us good feedback. In terms of ODM, we also have strong R & D support and corresponding factory capacity. At present, our whole cybic team is in a state of rapid development, with more perfect abilities in all aspects. 
Besides, we have more confidence and ability to give every customer a satisfactory answer. On the road of innovation, we have never stopped: after the successful development of zero and Aquarius, the cybic team is also starting to develop new models, and engaged in the design and development of lithium electric and smart vehicles with a keen sense of smell beyond the market. We constantly keep an attitude and a younger style and the new model come soon. 
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