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Electric Bicycle: Maintenance Tips

Views: 94     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-12-01      Origin: Site

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Like most other means of transportation, 1000w electric bikes also require some care and maintenance to ensure that they work properly. Maintenance will also help increase the life of your electric bike. Fortunately, most electric bike maintenance is easy and low cost. Here are some tips and guidelines for maintaining e mountain bikes.



Tools for Electric Bicycle Maintenance


Before maintaining a smart e bike, you need to prepare the following tools, which may be used during the maintenance of the affordable electric bike. The tools you need to prepare are an old toothbrush or bristle dish brush, clean rags or paper towels, gentle degreasing soap, bicycle lubricant, tire pump, tire pressure gauge, basic toolkit or multi-tool and bike repair stand.



Tips for Electric Bike Maintenance




In general, the lithium battery of best foldable electric bike basically does not need to be maintained, it rarely fails. But you can extend the battery life or improve its endurance in some ways. First, you need to check the manufacturer's battery care and charging instructions. Fully charge the battery before each time you ride an electric bike to help extend battery life.


When your cheap electric bike is not in use, you need to store the battery well and avoid contact with high temperature or low temperature objects. In addition, if you don't use an electric bicycle for a long time, you also need to charge its battery occasionally to prolong the battery life.



Drivetrain and Chain


In order to prevent the chain of your foldable electric bicycle from rusting and wearing, you need to clean the chain regularly and apply lubricating oil to it. When cleaning the chain, brush the chain with warm water and old toothbrush, then dry the chain thoroughly with clean cloth or paper towel. After that, apply special lubricating oil to the chain. Wipe off excess lubricating oil with a clean and dry rag.

7-1-urban rider electric bikes





A well-maintained set of tires is essential to the smooth running of your electric city bicycle. You need to use air pumps and tire pressure gauges to keep the tires fully inflated. 


You need to monitor the wear on the surface of the tire to avoid reducing traction and replace tires as needed. If the tread is worn, the rubber is cracked, or the tire is broken, you need to replace it. Usually, tires need to be replaced every 2,500 miles depending on conditions of use. In order to complete quick repair and simple repair, try to install a spare tire and a kit on the your urban rider electric bike.





There are many types of brakes for urban electric bicycles, and you need to maintain the brakes according to the specific requirements of each type. However, you can always check the wear of the brake pad, if the brake pad is seriously worn, it needs to be replaced immediately. If the brake becomes difficult or the rubber on the brake pad is worn, the brake pad also needs to be replaced. The new brake pads make noise when they work, but the noise should disappear after a period of use. If the sound of brakes is still noisy after a period of time, you need to check if your electric bike has any other problems.


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