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The Warrior’s frame design adopts a four-link structure with a pneumatic shock absorber for suspension, which weighs only 130 grams. This frame design is far superior compared to other vehicles of the same class. The overall operation is extremely flexible, filtering out most of the impact without any transmission system interference.
The Warrior passed the ISO standard strength test, vibration test, fatigue test and treading test, with higher than average results. The frame has good rigidity and toughness. The integrated design not only ensures the strength, but also reduces the weight of the body. The size and angle of the frame are strictly in accordance with its ergonomics, providing users with a comfortable riding experience.


We have equipped the Warrior with a torque-sensing motor in order to provide a more accurate output power during riding and mountain biking, making it easier to climb and safer to speed down (DH). The excellent motor performance also ensures that it will not emit any heat or noise during long-term riding.

LCD Display

The Warrior is equipped with an intelligent LCD display that has a 5-level speed adjustment, displaying its current speed, maximum speed, average speed, travel distance and travel time.


The Warrior adopts the TEKTRO braking system, with high-quality front and rear double disc brakes as well as mechanical disc brakes to guarantee safer riding.

Seat Tube

The Warrior uses a wire control shock absorber tube. Its height can be adjusted by the function button on the handlebar, making the bike more intelligent and convenient.
A Samsung 40 cell, 11.6 Ah high-efficiency lithium-ion battery provides a long-lasting stream of power. This unique battery-carrying technology and seat tube with quick detachable structure makes charging more convenient. It is equipped with a waterproof battery box. In addition, the waterproof design of the Warrior allows it to be more widely applicable to a variety of road conditions.


Cybic’s customized saddle is made of high-quality foam to ensure the comfort of commuting. The memory foam ensures that long-term use will not cause deformation or loss of elasticity.
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