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What Are The Benefits of Riding Electric Bicycles for The Elderly?

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In physical exercise, riding a bicycle is a very effective method. It can not only improve the excitability of the myocardium, increase the contractility of the myocardium, but also improve the function of the heart. Therefore, after the elderly have done enough to keep warm in winter, they can ride a bicycle or electric two wheeler for seniors as a tool for activities within a limited time.


Elderly people use electric trial bike regularly to benefit their physical and mental health. Surprisingly, electric powered bicycles are more effective than traditional bikes. This may be because it is easier to learn about electric bicycles.

71-1-electric assist mountain bike


Compared with electric bike no pedals, electric bikes with pedals are more suitable for the elderly. In fact, many of the benefits of cycling also apply to electric bicycles.


Cycling can develop the brain and improve physical fitness. Cycling can effectively exercise the muscle strength of the lower limbs and strengthen the overall endurance.


Many elderly people suffer from diabetes. It is reported that cycling and riding electric commuter bike can cure diabetes. The main cause of diabetes is insufficient insulin secretion. However, exercise can help the lack of insulin secretion and help cells take up blood sugar. Insufficient insulin secretion, whether it is congenital or acquired, can be adjusted as long as you can cooperate with diet control. After a meal, moderate exercise consumes some blood sugar first, and exercise can help cells take up blood sugar. Therefore, cycling for 30 minutes after a meal is definitely positive for diabetes.


In fact, it is not uncommon for bicycles to be used for fitness. As a sport, cycling is slow, easy to implement, and safe for some people who may suffer from high blood pressure. Exercise makes blood vessels thicker and blood flow speeds up, which naturally has a blood pressure reduction effect!


Cycling is not only for fitness, but also improves mental health. It is very important that riding can prevent mental illness in the elderly and make the body and mind happy. Cycling allows office workers to have full contact with the outdoors and relax. Today's office workers have more or less work, family, and social pressures. Aside from the sport itself, cycling is full of unique charm of fashion, leisure and entertainment. Several friends or family members ride electric mountain bikes and foldable electric bikes to the outskirts on the weekends, breathing fresh air and letting the natural beauty have a panoramic view.


In addition to the above points, the elderly often ride pedal assist bike or big wheel electric bike to prevent brain aging and develop left and right brains. Because when riding a bicycle, two legs alternately pedaling can develop the left and right brain functions at the same time.


Elderly riding bicycles in natural and urban environments has a great auxiliary effect on improving the cognitive function of the elderly, especially what we call executive function and processing speed, even in the case of electric assistance.


It is very important for the elderly to prepare protective gear when riding electric bicycles for fitness exercises. It is very important to keep warm in winter.


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