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How many calories can cycling burn?

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Cycling has many benefits, and many people use this method to lose weight. So, does cycling consume a lot of calories? Can the calories burned by riding electric city bikes contribute to weight loss?



How many calories are consumed by cycling


Every 3500 calories burned can lose about 450 grams of body weight. If you ride the folding electric mountain bike at a speed of less than 16 kilometers per hour, you will burn about 235-370 calories for one hour of riding. The specific calories burned vary with each person's weight. If your riding speed can add another 2 kilometers per hour, when the instant speed reaches 19 kilometers, you can burn 350-550 calories in one hour of riding electric mountain bikes. Cycling at this speed for one hour a day for one week (seven days) can make you lose 450 grams of weight. For ordinary people, it is good to be able to ride the specialized electric mountain bike for an hour at a speed of 19 kilometers per hour. When choosing sports, you should pay attention to some exercises that can move your whole body muscles, such as brisk walking, jogging, tennis, swimming, etc. At the same time, you must persevere to achieve the effect of exercise and fitness!

68-2-specialized electric mountain bike



Advantages of cycling to lose weight


1. Simple and easy. Because the saddle of an urban electric bike cannot fully support one's body weight during exercise, it can exercise better than running.


2. The burden on the body is very light. Because the electric downhill bike pedals are off the ground, the impact force on the ground is smaller than the weight, and it will not increase the excess burden on the ankle, knee, and waist joints. At the same time, it is difficult to accumulate fatigue by riding an affordable electric bike, so it is conducive to persistence every day.


3. Be free to master it at your own pace. The strength of exercise can be controlled by itself. This is one of the advantages of riding a pedal assist mountain bike to lose weight. The key is the weight and speed of the gear, which can be controlled according to the physical condition and stamina of the day. Beginners can set the gear lighter and step on the pedal slowly. On the contrary, the speed can be increased by the weighted gear, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing the amount of movement.


4. Can exercise the whole body muscles. Riding a carbon electric bike may seem simple, but it is actually working out the muscles of the whole body. When stepping on the pedals, you can exercise the quadriceps on the surface of the thighs and the gluteal muscles of the buttocks; the power transmitted by the pedals can exercise the calf triceps; holding the handles with both hands can make the back muscles get exercise, at the same time the upper wrist triceps on both hands and wrists and upper body muscles can be exercised.


5. Be able to persevere happily. Continuous exercise for a long time will increase or decrease body temperature and cause sweating. When the sweat evaporates and deposits, the body temperature rises, so you feel tired and want to stop exercising. At this time, best commuter ebikes show a unique advantage over running. Because the sweat left by the air is dried, it is difficult for the body temperature to rise due to exercise, so you can persist long exercise.


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