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How to Do When the Brakes of Electric Bike don’t Work?

Views: 184     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-06-03      Origin: Site

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Many electric bike owners have this confusion that the brakes of electric bicycle are not be very sensitive after riding for a long time. Although it is not a big problem, it brings many inconveniences for riding. Today we will talk about the problems of electric bike brakes and how to fix it.


How to adjust the brakes?


If you feel that the brakes of e bike are not working well and need to be tightened. First of all, you need to check up where the problem is. If it is the problem of internal rising brake, you must loosen the screw of fixing the brake cable with a wrench, and clamp the brake cable with a vise and then tighten it a little. When you feel it is almost done, turn the wheel to see if there is any resistance. If not, tighten the screw to the end, and then ride to try if it works well.


If it is the problem of drum brakes of bike, which are similar to the front and rear drum brake of motorcycles, it is even simpler. You just tighten the screws clockwise on the top of the brake cable with a tool. No matter what type of brake, if it is not the problem of loosing brake, it just can’t stop the bike when using it. In this case, it is useless to adjust the brakes. It is best to ask a professional maintenance person to fix it.



How to adjust if the brake lever stroke is too large?


Step 1: Check the stroke of the bike brake handle. If the stroke is too large and the braking effect is poor, the bicycle cannot be stopped in an emergency, and the stroke of the brake handle needs to be adjusted. In this case, the stroke of the brake handle should be reduced to the normal range.


Step 2: Fix the screws of the bike brake cable. The brake cable fixing screw is used to tighten the brake cable and adjust the stroke of the brake handle. When adjusting the brake cable fixing screws, you should loosen a little, but do not loosen all of them. If it is completely loosened, the brake cable may become detached.


Step 3: Adjust the fixing screw of the brake cable. Use the No. 10 of the 10-12 wrenches to loosen the adjusting brake cable screw a bit. The wrench should be turned counterclockwise to loosen, and then loosen one to three circles.


Step 4: Pull the brake cable of bike, after loosening the adjusting brake cable screw, hold the brake cable with your right hand and pull it back a little.


Step 5: Tighten the fixing screws of the brake cable, then tighten and adjust the brake cable screws with No. 10 of the No. 10-12 wrenches. Remember that the wrench should be turned clockwise for tightening. Just tighten it, but do not damage the screw.


Step 6: Check whether the stroke of the brake handle is qualified. You should hold the brake handle of bike with your left hand and turn the rear wheel of the electric bike with your right hand. Then adjust the brake handle stroke within the normal range.


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