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Ten tips for weight loss by cycling

Views: 132     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-02-19      Origin: Site

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Today, I will introduce the secrets of successful weight loss, these secrets come from real humans who have successfully realized the secrets of weight loss! Don't believe those who tell you that it is impossible to lose weight by exercise alone. A large increase in exercise can help most people realize their dream of losing weight. Riding a pedalease fat bike is a very interesting way to achieve it! Ten tips on cycling to lose weight are dedicated to friends.


69-1-pedalease fat bike


Tip 1: Devote yourself to spending some time cycling

I spend an hour of TV or computer time riding a specialized electric mountain bike three days a week. This is worth it! My complete bicycle fitness training plan is very easy to follow. It shows how to achieve electric downhill bike fitness by cycling 3 times a week. It also explains the myth of the fat burning zone and tells you how to burn calories effectively.



Tip 2: Think about what you eat will fuel your bike ride?

Part of your weight loss depends on your diet and amount of exercise. Don't mistakenly think that because you are exercising, you can eat whatever you want. On the other hand, it is true that some people can lose weight just by exercising more. The point is, dont think that long-term cycling is a permit for uninterrupted eating!



Tip 3: If other cyclists are thinner than you, dont be scared

Sometimes there is anti-fat discrimination in the bicycle industry, but please ignore it! No matter what your size or body shape is, you have the right to ride a pedal assist mountain bike!



Tip 4: Buy the right bike

If you are a very heavy person, make sure that the bike you buy is strong enough. Lightweight racers are not the best enduro ebikes. Mountain bike or hybrid will be a better choice. In addition, please make sure that you have purchased an electric city bike of the correct size to make it comfortable and safe.



Tip 5: Start small and gradually increase the amount of exercise

Don't go out for a two-hour bike ride on the first day and find that you are too tired (too painful) to ride for another week. Slowly build up and relieve pain. No pain, no gain!



Tip 6: Record your riding schedule

In this way, you can track your progress and have the motivation to ride more. Challenge yourself by competing with yourself!



Tip 7: Get a heart rate monitor so you can train smartly

Its best to monitor your heart rate during exercise. If you dont want to buy a heart rate monitor, you can buy a sports watch.



Tip 8: Mixed use

Diversity is the key to success in a fitness program. Therefore, find a hybrid approach. Ride different routes to keep it interesting. If you can, you can also ride a different affordable electric bike. For example, a racer will provide you with a good commute and high speed, while an electric mountain bike will provide you with more full-body exercise. In addition, you can explore nature when riding a mountain bike, which is fun.



Tip 9: Be prepared to spend some money

If you are uncomfortable, cold and humid, you cannot spend a lot of time riding a powerful electric bike. Invest in the items you need, such as comfortable saddles, waterproof cycling jackets, decent cycling shoes and padded shorts. Once all the money is spent, you will be obliged to go out and ride the best commuter ebike!



Tip 10: Plan some rewards for yourself along the way

To stay motivated, set goals and link them to rewards. For example, reward yourself after riding 100 miles. There are also the first 200...and so on. Choosing the rewards you like will not actively destroy your goals! For example, when you drive 1,000 miles, reward yourself with a puppy! In this way, you will also start doing some walks.


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