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What Makes Electric Bicycles A New Trend in The Industry?

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For many people, the special thing about electric bicycles is its unique type of hybrid vehicle status, which effectively combines pedal bicycles with motor vehicles.

Although electric bicycles have many similarities with traditional bicycles and motorized two-wheelers, electric bicycles still have their own distinct characteristics. Below we will discuss in depth the characteristics that make electric bicycles unique.


Electric Bicycle VS Ordinary Bicycle


Electric bicycles use accumulators as auxiliary energy sources. On the basis of ordinary bicycles, they are equipped with electric motors, controllers, accumulators, handlebars and other operating components, as well as a mechatronics personal vehicle that displays instrument systems. This definition is the distinctive feature that distinguishes electric bicycles from ordinary bicycles. Compared with ordinary bicycles, folding electric mountain bike, enduro electric bike and battery powered mountain bike are more labor-saving.


Two manufacturing methods of electric bicycles. One is specially designed as built-in electronic components for electric bicycles; the other is traditional bicycles modified in some form. Both cases show many similarities between electric bicycles and traditional bicycles.


Many electric bicycles also have common bicycle components such as wheels, tubes, rods, handlebars, front forks, seats and multi-gear transmission systems. Other components including tires, brakes, assist sensors and motors are dedicated to electric bicycles.


Most of the motors used in electric bicycles are high-efficiency rare earth permanent magnet motors. The purpose of adding an electric motor to an electric bicycle is to provide an additional source of power for the rider. All electric bike enables cyclists to fine-tune their riding experience to meet their specific needs. Electric bicycles are mainly used by elderly or inexperienced cyclists and urban commuters. For different environments, they can choose electric mountain bike, assist hybrid electric bike or electric commuter bike.


Compared with traditional bicycles, the additional components of electric bicycles are more expensive and have more specifications. E bike cost is often more expensive than traditional bicycles. Electric bicycles also tend to be heavier and bulkier. Once the electric vehicle is out of power, it means that it is more difficult to transport electric bicycles than traditional bicycles.


If you are looking for a powered bicycle, then an electric bicycle may be your ideal choice.


10-2-urban electric bike

Electric Bicycle VS Electric Scooter


Electric bicycles are sometimes confused with electric scooters and mopeds, but there are still some key differences between them.


Pedal. Electric bicycles are both bicycles and motor vehicles, so they have truly become a unique way of travel. Electric bicycles which have pedals are one of the characteristics that make electric bicycles different from electric scooters or motorcycles. Moreover, electric scooters and mopeds do not have pedals and rely solely on electric motors to provide power.


Speed and power. Generally, electric motors used on electric bicycles have less power than electric motors used on electric scooters or other similar vehicles. The electric motor used in most electric bicycles produces between 250 and 750 watts, and its maximum speed is about 20 mph. Different from 2 wheel electric bikes, 3 wheel electric bikes and 4 wheel electric bikes have higher speeds, and both are equipped with all in one electric bike wheels.


Electric Bicycle VS Car


Electric bicycles can replace travel by car, especially for those who live in cities and commute within 10 kilometers. Compared with cars, electric bicycles are environmentally friendly, do not have to pay expensive parking fees, have lower maintenance costs, and travel freely in the city.


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