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Why Does Electronic Bicycle Become Urban Travel Mode?

Views: 95     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-27      Origin: Site

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With the continuous development of road planning in medium and large cities, the transportation tool which is available to people are becoming more and more abundant. There are no longer only taxis, buses, subways and private cars on the street, but many intelligent short-distance travel tools are also integrated into the urban transportation system. City electric bicycle is one of the common transportation tools. And more and more people buy it and look it as the urban travel tool. According to industry estimates, the overall domestic sales of electric bicycles will exceed 1.2 million. Why people like electric bicycle so much? Here we will talk about the advantages and development of the electric bike.


The Advantages of the Electric Bike


The biggest advantage of electric bike is convenient, and it can also reduce the time of waiting for buses, transfers, and morning and evening peak traffic jams. It saves time and effort and is environmentally friendly, of course, it effectively alleviates traffic pressure. From 2015, the domestic electric bicycle market has suddenly heated up. With the improvement of people’s living standards, conventional electric bicycles cannot satisfy the people’s travel requirements, and smart and more comfortable electric bicycles have begun to gradually occupy many families of urban areas. What is more, the smart e bicycle is becoming a new travel tool of many young people.


From the news, the smart e bicycle will target the high-end market. And it is realizing the interconnection with intelligent mobile phone. Once it appears on the market, maybe it can kill most electric vehicle products in terms of speed. It is believed that with the release of smart e bicycle, it will detonate a stronger wave of travel tool in the domestic market.



The Development of Electric Bicycle


We know that there are various types of electric riding products on the market, and there are also great differences in riding methods. At present, the popular ones are electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, electric scooters, balance bikes and so on. And these products have different driving distances due to the different capacity of the battery design.


No matter how improved, most electric bicycles on the market are still upgraded from versions of bicycles, but simple changes some parts such as pedals, rear-mounted double seats or carriages have been added to the original bicycle frame. It is designed for the people to deliver goods such as express delivery people. 


Checking your daily travel trajectory with your mobile phone is the normal life of many people. However, common electric bicycles are unmoved in the field of intelligence. They are independent and follow a low-key, practical and simple route, even if other travel tools are increasing various new functions such as interconnection with mobile phones, built-in GPS navigation, Bluetooth control of car lights and horns and other intelligent modules etc. But most electric bicycles on the market today are still the traditional concept of taking the key to carry the battery. Maybe it is the reason for some young people who prefer smart e bike.


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