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Women's First Choice for Travel-Simple Cybic City Electric Bicycle

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Many people think of mountain biking is speed and riding experience. In fact, many women who love sports can also own a mountain bike. Ladies electric mountain bikes are suitable for sports and leisure in the city or the suburbs, and of course they can also be used as work tools. What is the general size of a lady's mountain bike? How to buy women's mountain bikes?


The consideration of electric mountain bikes is to pedal manually as much as possible. If you encounter uphill or don't want to ride, use electric assist. Electric mountain bikes have the basic framework of mountain bikes.

61-3-electric assist folding bike


Size of Ladies Mountain Bike


When buying a electric sports bike, you must first pay attention to whether the size of the frame is suitable for the rider's body. The size of the frame is generally measured based on the length of the frame riser. The longer the riser is, the longer the body length of the frame is. The frame with a short riser is suitable for women with short stature. The specific measurement method is as follows: sit on the seat, place your feet on the pedal, and place the lower legs naturally. This height allows the feet to have room to stretch when stepping.


In terms of mountains, there is a size every two inches from the center axis of the (big chainring) to the center of the upper riser pipe, as the size interval of the frame size, which can gradually increase from 14 inches to 22 inches, a total of 5 sizes. Due to the large size of the mountain, it is impossible to measure the frame size suitable for the rider with an accurate formula calculation. You can only choose a roughly suitable frame to ride based on your height. The styles suitable for general women are mainly compact and simple, such as 16 inch folding electric bike and 20 inch folding electric bike.


How to buy women's mountain bikes?


You Must Try It Yourself


Although the first consideration for female riders is exterior painting, like buying clothes, they usually have to actually try on them before they know how it feels. The same goes for mountain bikes. Because buying a mountain bike is not just for the appearance, but for the actual riding experience.


Choose The Right Size


Whether you choose city commuter electric bike, folding electric mountain bikes or off road electric bike, be sure to choose the correct frame size and adjust the riding posture appropriately. Otherwise, even if you choose the top models and spare parts, it will not give you a comfortable riding experience and even affect the performance of your body. It is particularly recommended that the distance between the crotch and the upper tube should be higher than the two finger widths, which is an ideal state.


Do Not Accommodate Male Models


Although the current market is still dominated by male models, such as mens folding electric bike and all terrain electric bike, if female models cannot find suitable models, female riders are reminded not to give in to male models of mountain bikes. If it is used reluctantly, it may cause sports injuries due to incorrect riding posture after long riding.


Cybic has 5 series of electric assist bicycles, followed by E-legend, Zero, Aquarius, E-tiger and Warrior. Log in to the official website to check the style of ladies mountain bike you want.

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