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Precautions for Riding in Rainy Days

Views: 77     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-10-17      Origin: Site

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On rainy days, roads can get slippery, so you need to be extra careful when riding an electric road bike. If you don't pay attention when riding an electric bicycle, accidents may occur. Therefore, the following points should be paid attention to when riding in rainy days. 



Use Fenders

In general, the parts of electric tandem bikes can resist rain. Its drive system and batteries won't fail because of rain. But on rainy days, there may be a lot of soil on the road. When the soil enters the transmission system, it may cause the transmission system to not work normally. In order to protect your electric sports bike, you should install fenders on rainy days.



Weatherproof Yourself

When riding an electric street bike on a rainy day, the rain will fall on you. Therefore, you need to wear a raincoat to prevent the clothes from getting wet. In addition, the temperature on rainy days is often lower than usual, so you need to wear thicker clothes to keep warm. When you put on your raincoat, you will find that your hands are still exposed to rain, so you need to prepare a pair of waterproof gloves.

rainy day driving



Use Lights

When you ride a smart electric bicycle on a rainy day, you will find that visibility is lower than usual, which makes it difficult for you to see the situation ahead. Therefore, you need to turn on the lights of the electric touring bike to give you a clearer view. In addition, the light can also remind other vehicles or passers-by to keep a certain distance from your electric city bicycle to ensure safety.



Lower Tire Pressure

In rainy days, the road can become very slippery, in order to prevent your fast electric trike from slipping, you need to lower the tire pressure. As the tire pressure decreases, the contact area between the tread and the ground increases to provide more friction and prevent your flux electric bike from slipping.



Slow Down

When riding on rainy days, the most important thing is to reduce the speed. Since an electric bicycle can be driven by electric energy, it will be faster than a traditional bicycle. Therefore, you need to reduce the speed as much as possible to ensure your safety.



Brake Early

You need to keep an eye on the front of the electric bicycle. If there are other vehicles or pedestrians ahead, you need to brake ahead of time. Because the ground is very slippery in rainy days, after you brake, the electric bicycle will move forward further than usual, and early braking can prevent you from hitting the object in front of you.



Clean Your Electric Bike After You Ride

Although electric bicycle is a very convenient means of transportation, it also needs regular maintenance. When you finish riding, your foldable electric bicycle will be stained with rain, soil, dust and other debris. Therefore, you need to clean your electric bicycle in time. After cleaning, it needs to be dried as soon as possible, so as to prolong the service life of the electric bicycle.


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