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Cybic -- How to Make Brand a Way of Life

Views: 181     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-11      Origin: Site

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We are living in an era of consumer demand explosion and product explosion. This means that consumers are not living in a product era, and the essence of consumption is no longer just the consumption of products or services, but are consuming a certain way of life.


The world is long and tortuous, Cybic is slow and gentle


Nowadays, the new social media is unprecedentedly developed. People of different social strata and different life experiences interact on social platforms such as Facebook, INS, twitter, etc. The freedom of thought and communication makes it easier for people to find people with similar ideals. In the process of "clustering", people's brand visual awareness is gradually weakened, and their attitudes and concepts are reflected to provide lifestyle solutions Brand, more people pay attention to.


Cybic as a rising rookie in the bicycle industry. We take the “profession”as the action rule and bring a new appearance to the industry with a younger vision. Making the brand with attitude and manufacturing the products with temperature are our principle. Our mission is to make the bicycle becomes an expression of young people's attitudes towards life.


From simply selling goods to giving users a lifestyle experience, Cybic insists that products are the foundation and is committed to providing users with ideal life experience. Let the product and brand concept meet a way of life, not only endow the brand with double links with consumers in the material and spiritual level, but also endow the brand with irreplaceable value, a strong and sustainable brand value.



Embedding Cybic into a lifestyle


Cybic depends on its own keen industry perception to creatively put forward the concept of “Slow Life and Feeling the Road”, aiming to let users feel the scenery along the road to the greatest extent without being bound by the cycling itself when riding the bicycle. This is not only Cybic's expectation for users to ride, but also an initiative for a slow lifestyle. We hope that in today's fast-paced era, users of Cybic can still have a heart that wants to slow down.


How to Make This a Reality?


Independent research and development design team

Compared with other trading companies, we have our own technical personnel as support and can better coordinate the problems encountered by customers. And provide customers with product optimization services. (Product R & D)


Technical support

We have high-end technicians who are familiar with every part of the bicycle and can assist in providing the best matching scheme


Products comply with industry trends

For each order, cybic team has a special person to follow every detail to ensure that every product detail is as close as possible to the needs of customers. (Service)


Own overseas warehouses

In terms of freight warehousing, we have overseas warehouses, which can provide certain logistics assistance for customers. In terms of trade, our business is also very professional and skilled, and we can also provide corresponding trade assistance to customers. Our payment method is also relatively flexible and can adjust according to the needs of customers.



Digital commerce is young, and we are ushering in a new business era defined by digital indigenous people. How the Cybic continues to connect and interact with consumers with the help of digital transformation is what Cybic insists on exploring and practicing.

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