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Bicycle popularity | Introduction of Cybic City Series

Views: 112     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-01      Origin: Site

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In 2020, the world will be shrouded in the atmosphere of COVID-19. In this context, the number of cyclists soaring rapidly, and become a popular means of transportation.


That makes sense. Riding a bike may be a safer option than riding on a bus or subway full of people, exposed to a potentially coronavirus infested environment.It’s no wonder people are digging that old Schwinn out of the garage or attic and reconsidering how they get to work, the store and around in general, far away (or farther enough away) from the possibly infectious outgassings of our fellow travelers. Bicycling was - and is - one of the original physically distant sports, just due to the fact that if you get too close, painful crashy things can happen. But the old bicycles are facing very practical problems. The old bicycles are too old to meet the daily travel needs.


At the same time, a new type of bicycle is becoming popular in the market -- Electric bicycle. Cybic, as a rising rookie in the bicycle industry. We take the “profession”as the action rule and bring a new appearance to the industry with a younger vision. Making the brand with attitude and manufacturing the products with temperature are our principle. Our mission is to make the bicycle becomes an expression of young people's attitudes towards life.


According to different riding scenes, Cybic introduces different series of electric bicycles. The following article mainly introduces the city series of mopeds.


City Series





Cybic named the car Aquarius. As the first folding bicycle developed and designed by CYBIC,Aquarius features distinctive frame. It adopts an integrated design with ingenious folding structure. It can be folded into the size of a medium-sized suitcase and put into car truck.


Aquarius frame has passed the ISO standard test of strength, vibration, fatigue and pedal, and the results are all above the average standard level. With excellent flexibility and toughness, it not only guarantees the bicycle strength, but also reduces the weight of the body. Frame sizes and angles are strictly ergonomic, making bicycling comfortable and relaxing.


Liquid Crystal Display

Equipped with intelligent LCD and 5 level speed regulator, you can monitor the current speed, maximum speed, average speed, travel distance and travel time during the ride.





Aquarius uses a speed sensing motor, which provides more sensitive and faster power output, stable power supply and instant access to simple urban life. With stable power output, the high-performance speed sensing motor keeps the motor cool and silent during the long ride.


Battery for Seat Post

The built-in battery for seat post not only improves the safety of the bicycle, but also makes the lines of the body smoother. With battery embedded in the seat post and hidden in the frame, the Aquarius looks much smaller. In the meantime, the motor box with the thickness of 2.5 MM has higher strength, thus protecting the center power system in a better way.


More information>>




It is the first eletric bicycle of Cybic, and it also symbolizes the determination to be a rookie in the industry from scratch.



The Cybic's frame, of which the rigidity and toughness are both excellent, has passed the ISO standard strength test, vibration test, fatigue test and treading test, what’s more, all results are better than the average standard level. While ensuring the strength, the integral forming process also reduces the weight of the body. The frame size and angle are strictly in accordance with ergonomics to keep comfortable riding.


LCD Instrument

The electric machinery CYBIC selects is the leading motor with zero lag power output and strong torque in the industry, so you can have a smooth and happy riding experience.


More information>>




Cybic Legend takes smart biking to next level with Amazon Alexa. Adding Alexa functionality expands the notion of ‘Alexa On The Go’, where Alexa is available anywhere where the bike is.



The frame of e-legend adopts the line-sense design with prominent edges and corners on the side, and the perfect and regular two triangle shapes form the minimalist frame of legend. The design of the shape is also a major feature of legend. As a kind of the recreational vehicle,  legend has passed the ISO standard strength test, vibration test, fatigue test and treading test, whose results are all better than the average standard level. Both its rigidity and toughness are excellent. While ensuring the strength, the integral forming process also reduces the weight of the body. The frame size and angle are strictly in accordance with ergonomics to keep comfortable riding.


More information>>



Cybic Intelligent Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in bicycle development and trading. We make great efforts

to establish long-term cooperation relationship with customers in various countries by distributing bicycle products with the best quality and reasonable price.

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