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Cybic —— What information do you want to know about bicycle suppliers and traders

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We are a rising rookie in the bicycle industry. We take the "profession" as the action rule and bring a new appearance to the industry with a younger vision. Making the brand with attitude and manufacturing the products with temperature are our principle. Our mission is to make the bicycle become an expression of young people's attitude towards life.





1. Compared with other trading companies, we have our own technical personnel as support and can better coordinate the problems encountered by customers. And provide customers with product optimization services. (Product R & D)

2. We have a considerable capacity of factories to support the supply chain resources. In addition to the traditional Chinese factories, we also have factories in Vietnam, Czech Republic, Romania and Africa. (Supply chain)

3. For each order, cybic team has a special person to follow every detail to ensure that every product detail is as close as possible to the needs of customers. (Service)




Parts Manufacturers: The parts manufacturers we choose are all quality suppliers with excellent services and high-quality goods that have passed the strict selection and examination of CYBIC, which reflects our high requirements for the quality of products. The quality of all the products of our suppliers, such as CE, ISO, CPSC, BS, EN, are up to standard. Moreover, in order to further guarantee the quality of products, we have built our own production base for main structural parts. We produce parts such as bicycle frames, front forks and paint in our own factory.




We have factories in many countries, including China, Vietnam, Czech Republic, and Romania. To provide customers with more convenient logistics services, normally the goods will be shipped from the nearest warehouse. All factories have complete equipment and can provide customers with one-stop service.




In addition to sales, CYBIC will also provide customers with maintenance services, which is also available in the United States and most parts of Europe.




Named your bike as you wish, give us your ideal name on the bike, we will send a DIY sticker to you.



Note: all consumer’s information won’t have any business purpose.


Cybic Intelligent Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in bicycle development and trading. We make great efforts to establish long-term cooperation relationship with customers in various countries by distributing bicycle products with the best quality and reasonable price.

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