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Don't rush, just feel the road | CYBIC provides you with a new riding experience

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“Don't rush, just feel the way.” with a sentence from Volvo car's advertising slogan, it perfectly explains that life is not a simple marathon. Japanese writer Haruki Murakami wrote in his life marathon that "the finish line is just a symbol, but it doesn't have much significance. The key is how you run along the way.". Why not put down impetuosity, anxiety, worry, fame and wealth, hesitation, to enjoy the scenery along the way? It is not a better way of life to see through, breathe deeply, slow down, listen to the wind, look for birds, smell flowers and seek secluded environment?


CYBIC, as an E-bike manufacturer and trader who advocates a new way of life, has always been committed to providing modern people with a new travel choice - electric bicycle. Electric bicycle can help you do more things, walk more and see more while reducing the pressure of riding. There’s an e-bike for everyone, whether you’re buying your first-ever bike, coming back from an injury, looking to keep up with a faster group, or you just want to have more fun on every ride. E-bikes flatten hills, let you carry heavier loads, and help you cut back on car trips. Plus, you still get the benefits of a traditional bike! E-bikes help you get more exercise, spend time outside, skip the traffic jam, and more.



What is CYBIC Electric Bicycle


CYBIC provides people with three lifestyle choices: exciting mountain experience, convenient urban commuting and leisure life travel. Behind each lifestyle is CYBIC's pursuit of a new way of life.


E-MTB series mainly includes TIGER and WARRIOR.


Tiger's overall inspiration comes from ancient Chinese legends. The curved design of tube on frame is like a leaping tiger, which comes to rear triangle of the frame with the streamline. The flat seat fork (s/s) design also makes the “Tiger” sharper. The overall design of the frame rigorously refers to ergonomics, and incorporates CYBIC’s exclusive design features to provide users with the most comfortable riding experience.


Head tube:adopt forging and integral molding technology.

Front fork:adopts HL-CH-860S 27.5 alloy hydraulic high-shock suspension front fork.

Motor: VINKA, VK17 36V250W, Central Motor.

Battery: polymer lithium ion battery, integrated design of battery and down tube.

LCD Instrument: equipped with intelligent LCD; 5-level speed adjustment.

Saddle: SR high foam memory foam saddle.


WARRIOR has stronger shock absorbers to provide a more comfortable mountain experience for riders. At the same time, the frame size and angle strictly conform to ergonomics, providing users with comfortable riding experience.


Motor: The torque sensing motor

LCD Meter: intelligent LCD display instrument; 5-level speed regulation

Brake: TEKTRO high-quality front and rear double disc brakes and mechanical disc brakes

Battery: Samsumg 40 cells, 11.6 Ah

Saddle: Memory foam cotton


In addition to mountain series, CYBIC also has leisure and urban series to meet people's daily travel. Among them, the first folding bicycle independently developed and designed by CYBIC of Aquarius series adopts unique frame design, which can be skillfully folded. It can be folded into the size of a medium-sized suitcase and put into a truck.

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