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A Guide to Fitness Exercise for The Elderly

Views: 125     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-01-18      Origin: Site

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Exercise is essential for people of all ages. Having an exercise routine ready at any time can help you quickly move towards a better health. The following sports are designed to be challenging for the elderly to varying degrees.


1. Take a walk. For the elderly with poor physical conditions, vigorous exercise may not be possible. Then go for a walk. Walking casually on the road and in the park can also relax the body to achieve the purpose of exercise. The specific steps are to shake your hands back and forth and shake your legs when you go.


2. Qigong and physical therapy. Exercise should be gradual, exercise intensity and amount should be appropriate. If you feel warm and sweaty during exercise, and feel relaxed and comfortable after exercise, it means that the exercise is appropriate. Dizziness, chest tightness, heart palpitations during exercise, loss of appetite, poor sleep, and obvious fatigue after exercise indicate that the amount of exercise is excessive and needs to be adjusted in time.


3. Jogging. Jogging is also called fitness running. As a means of strengthening the body, it has become popular all over the world. It has become a magic weapon for gaining wisdom, fitness and long-term youth. It has also become a means of preventing and curing diseases in modern life. It is used by more and more elderly people.


4. Practice doing gymnastics. Gymnastics movements are relatively easy and relatively slow. Simple and easy movements are very suitable for the elderly. Basically, the limbs, waist, and joints of the elderly will be exercised. It is these simple waist twisting, moving legs, and moving arms that are most effective for the elderly. The elderly can also do special gymnastics for the elderly.


5. Cycling. Cycling has many benefits and is one of the ways for the elderly to live longer. It is a sport suitable for the elderly and can help the elderly prevent many diseases. There are special electric bikes for seniors on the market, which are also very popular styles.


The elderly have more contact with nature and society when riding electric kick bikes and urban electric bike. Chatting and making friends during the ride will make their old life more exciting.

68-1-specialized electric mountain bike


The benefits of cycling and electric pedal bike are not only to help the main muscles of the hips and legs to exercise effectively, but more importantly, to make your body stronger and less vulnerable to injury.


As an aerobic exercise, cycling can exercise the key muscle functions that connect the heart and lungs. Accompanied by aerobic breathing and accelerated exercise of the heart and lungs, it can help effectively reduce common diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. Riding electric powered bikes and electric mountain bicycles will bring the same experience to the elderly.


If the elderly insist on cycling and electric mopeds with pedals for a long time, the brain, eyes and nervous system will be systematically exercised, which can reduce the premature aging and aging of the brain and maintain the agility of the nervous system.


Cycling is a whole body exercise, which can promote blood circulation and improve blood vessel elasticity. Regular lower limb exercises can improve the blood supply capacity of the heart, which has a miraculous effect on preventing cardiovascular diseases in the elderly.


Regular and planned cycling exercise can help the brain of the elderly release more endorphins, so that the elderly can experience a natural joy, and make the body and mind in a relaxed and happy state. In fact, in addition to ordinary electric commuter bikes, some elderly people also like electric cross bikes and electric downhill mountain bikes.


It is best for the elderly to carefully choose the above-mentioned exercise methods according to their physical conditions.


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