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The Future of Electric Bikes

Views: 94     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-10-05      Origin: Site

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There are three main driving methods for electric bicycles. One is a hub drive, one is a mid-drive, and the other is a suspension drive. The electric city bike on the market is mainly driven by the hub, and the hub drive is better at the rear wheel drive, and the front-wheel drive performance is relatively poor.


Considering the balance of the whole vehicle and the convenience of getting on and off the vehicle, it is better to place the battery in the position of the diagonal tube or the riser of the frame. The battery configured is basically an economical lead-acid battery. Currently, most electric bikes use 36V12AH lead-acid batteries. The 24V12AH battery has relatively short driving mileage, so consumers choose less.


Whether it is for leisure and entertainment with family or friends, reshaping the body or completing daily commuting tools, electric folding bike and folding electric mountain bike are the keys to easy, comfortable and convenient travel.

61-3-electric assist folding bike


At present, there are three main types of functions and styles on the market:


1. Standard type. The motor power of this kind of urban electric bike is generally 150W. It is characterized by its simple and smooth shape, with a mileage of 40km~50km, simple operation and moderate price. This type of urban commuting ebike is more suitable for users who have a long commuting distance and a certain degree of mobility in work and life.


2. Multifunctional type. Such electric bicycles generally add front fork shock absorbers, saddle shock absorbers, headlights, electric horns, etc. to the standard type. Specialized e mountain bike is characterized by more functions, more comfortable riding, and more convenient to use at night.


3. Luxury type. This type of electric bicycle is characterized by its novel and luxurious shape. An instrument panel is usually added to the handlebars to display speed, mileage, voltage, power, etc., and some are also equipped with turn signals, language prompts, rearview mirrors, tool boxes, safety nets, etc. The configuration of this smart electric bicycle should be the basic model of future electric bicycles.


Electric bicycles can be divided into two categories: all-electric and smart-assisted. Both types of bicycles are equipped with power sources, power devices and control systems. As the power source, the battery also comes with a matching charger. The full electric bike can be pedaled and driven by pure electricity.


The intelligent assisted electric bicycle can be called a real moped and has a similar operation mode to a bicycle. It has a special sensor that responds through the control system after receiving the action of external force. Such electric vehicles mainly include electric assist mountain bike, pedal assist bike and electric assist folding bike.


One of the main reasons for the rapid expansion of the electric bicycle market is technological improvements. As batteries and electric motors become more efficient, durable and lighter, electric bicycles have become a necessary means of transportation. Electric bike for city allows you to spend a good time with your companions.



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