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How Do Girls Choose Mountain Electric Bicycles?

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In addition to electric mountain bikes for men, the market of electric mountain bikes for girls are also very promising. Electric mountain bikes are becoming more and more popular. Their small motors can help you ride faster and farther and reduce the arduous difficulty of challenging climbs.

62-3-electric mopeds with pedals


The Difference Between Men's And Women's Electric Mountain Bikes


Compared with men's electric mountain bike, the frame of the same size beam will be slightly smaller, which is more suitable for women. The crossbeam is lower for women to get on and off. The cushion is wider and more comfortable, corresponding to the female pelvis. The frame welding is smoother, more beautiful, and the color is more vivid. The width is narrower because women have narrower shoulders.


The length of the curved bar is shorter, which is suitable for women to exert force. The grip is more comfortable and not so hard. Female mountain bikes are mostly handlebars, which saves effort when shifting. The frame ratio of women is different, and the aspect ratio is higher, which is more suitable for women to ride long distances.


As the temperature changes, many people still like to ride and exercise. So if you are a novice, how should you choose a mountain bike that suits you? The following points should be considered for all people who want to choose a mountain bike.


1. Identify the purpose of riding. There are many types of mountain bikes, including off-road mountain bikes, all-terrain mountain bikes, free riding mountain bikes, and mountain bikes. Electric mountain bikes are divided into electric off road bike, all terrain electric bike and folding electric mountain bike. When choosing, you should first clarify your purpose, and then choose the type according to your hobby.


2. Frame selection. For mountain bikes, the frame is its core part, so when choosing a mountain bike, you must first look at the frame. The lightweight and durable frame will save a lot of effort during riding. There are three main frame materials, high-strength steel, aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. Aluminum alloy is a more cost-effective material on the market, while carbon fiber is a bit more expensive. In the case of sufficient budget, you can choose carbon fiber. For the specialized electric mountain bike, the motor is the most important accessory. The central drive motor can make the bicycle weight distribution better. In addition, keeping the wheels light helps the rear suspension perform better,


3. Kit selection. The package of mountain bike is mainly to choose brakes, gears, and chains. The brakes are obviously divided into V brakes and disc brakes. V brakes rely on friction, and disc brakes rely on the brake shaft. If your riding style is high-speed riding, it is recommended to choose disc brakes.


For the electric assist mountain bike, the handle, brake handle, etc. are the signal input components of the controller. The handle signal is the driving signal for the rotation of the electric vehicle motor. The brake handle signal is an electrical signal that the brake will output to the controller from the internal electronic circuit when the electric vehicle brakes. After the controller receives this signal, it will cut off the power supply to the motor, so as to realize the brake power-off function.


In addition, although the first consideration for female riders is exterior painting, in fact, you have to know that buying a mountain bike is not just for the exterior, but for the actual riding experience. What is more, no matter which type of riding you choose, you must choose the correct frame size and adjust the riding posture appropriately. Otherwise, even if you choose the top models and spare parts, it will not be able to meet your riding needs, and even affect the performance of your body.


This rule also applies to women's electric folding bike, full suspension folding electric bike and urban commuting ebike.

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