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Can The Electric Scooter Be A Gift to Parents?

Views: 112     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-01-22      Origin: Site

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Many people often choose to travel far by bike. Cycling travels freely, conveniently and easily, and can also promote health and longevity. The benefits of cycling are many. Cycling is also a sport suitable for the elderly, which can help the elderly prevent many diseases. In my opinion, giving parents an electric scooter for adults as a gift is also a good choice.



Osteoporosis is a common degeneration of the elderly. Some elderly people often suffer from backaches and legs, fatigue, and even spontaneous fractures, which are all caused by osteoporosis. Riding a bicycle or smart motion e bike three times a week can strengthen the tolerance of osteoblasts and bones, strengthen bone quality, increase bone density, and reduce the possibility of osteoporosis.


Many elderly people suffer from diabetes. The main cause of diabetes is due to insufficient insulin secretion, and exercise can assist the lack of insulin secretion and help cells absorb blood sugar. Cycling for 30 minutes after a meal is definitely positive for diabetes.


In fact, it is not uncommon for people to exercise by bicycle or electric assist mountain bike. Riding is very safe for some people who may suffer from high blood pressure.


When riding bicycles and electric mopeds with pedals, alternate pedaling of the two legs can develop the left and right brain functions at the same time, which can prevent premature aging and partial failure.

66-1-50 mph electric bike


Cycling allows the elderly to have more contact with the outdoors, which helps relieve loneliness and relax. Riding the electric pedal bike and pedal assist bike makes the elderly feel relaxed and happy both physically and mentally, thereby effectively helping to relieve stress, eliminate tension, and get out of depression. This is also the root of many aerobic exercises that make people relax.


For the elderly, I still prefer to recommend all electric bikes and small electric tricycle bikes. The advantages of a small electric tricycle bike are safety, stability and easy handling. Secondly, there is a certain space for carrying people or carrying goods, which is better than two-wheeled vehicles. It is only slightly larger than the electric two wheeler, but it is definitely better than the two wheeler in terms of safety. Similarly, the field of vision of this tricycle is the same as that of two wheels, which is better than a fully enclosed electric three wheel. For people who do not have a car driver's license, the unsafe aspect of a fully enclosed electric tricycle is its limited vision and larger volume.


In fact, whether it is a folding electric bike or a 3 wheel electric bike, it is worth noting that a rear mirror should be installed on the bike. The importance of the rear mirror is often ignored by many cyclists, and even ignored by some manufacturers. With the rear mirror, when the electric vehicle needs to change lanes, you can observe the rear mirror left and right, and then change lanes when it is safe. In many safety accidents, you do not look at the rear mirror and suddenly change lanes, causing the car behind you to collide with you.


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