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Alternative Fitness for The Elderly-Electric Bicycles

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It is understood that the elderly who use electric bicycles may get the same brain benefits as traditional bicycles. There is also a specially produced assist hybrid electric bike for elderly people on the market.

If the elderly insist on cycling for a long time, the brain, eyes and nervous system will get systematic agility exercise, which can reduce premature aging and aging of the brain and maintain the agility of the nervous system.

47-2-electric bikes with throttle and pedal assist


A study found that riding electric bicycles benefits elderly cyclists between the ages of 40-83 in terms of cognitive and mental health.


Studies have shown that riding bicycles in natural or urban environments can help elderly people improve their cognitive functions, even riding urban mover electric bikes and urban cruiser electric bikes.


In addition, participants also received varying degrees of satisfaction in terms of mental health and well-being, which indicates that exercising in the environment may have an impact on executive function and mental health.


Researchers have found that compared with those who use traditional bicycles, the brain function and mental health of the elderly who use electric bicycles have been greatly improved. The many other benefits that electric bicycles provide for the elderly go beyond just increasing physical activity.


Compared with electric bike no pedals, electric mopeds with pedals are more popular with the elderly. Using various settings to assist pedaling takes an average of 28% of the time at the lowest mode setting and 15% of the time with the motor completely turned off.


Compared with bicycle cyclists, elderly people who use electric commuter bike say that they are more confident to complete 30-minute cycling activities three times a week. Even if they do not have to exert great physical strength, their mental condition can be improved.


But this must pay more attention to the safety strategy for the elderly riding bicycles. Before riding, please check your equipment and electric trikes for seniors vehicle condition, including protective gear, brakes, etc., and try not to use unfamiliar bicycles. Protective gear is to minimize injury in the event of an accident. Riding the familiar electric bikes with throttle and pedal assist can make you judge in time when there are abnormal road conditions, so as to make accurate actions. When riding, be sure to hold the handle with both hands and touch the brake lightly with your fingers.


A rear mirror should be installed on the car. The importance of the rear mirror is often ignored by many cyclists, and even ignored by some manufacturers. With the rear mirror, when the folding electric bike needs to change lanes, you can observe the rear mirror left and right, and then change lanes when it is safe. In many safety accidents, you do not look at the rear mirror and suddenly change lanes, causing the car behind you to collide with you. The brake sensitivity should be good. Many of the electric trikes for adults still continue to drive on the road. When a sudden situation occurs and the car needs to be stopped suddenly. The vehicle is too fast, leading to a rear-end collision or other accidents.


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