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Common Types of Riding Injuries and Recovery Methods

Views: 122     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-02-27      Origin: Site

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There are many bikers riding electric assist mountain bikes on the road every day. While enjoying the joy of cycling, various sports injuries have also increased. In order to avoid damage to the maximum extent, I found an article on damage protection of rocky mountain e-bikes. I hope this article can be helpful to the riders.



1. Causes of neck and shoulder pain and recovery methods


Causes of neck and shoulder pain

As most people rarely use the muscles of the neck and shoulders, when they first start riding a hardtail electric mountain bike, it is easier for the neck and shoulders to produce soreness.


Recovery method

When riding an electric downhill bike, pay attention to the relaxation of the neck and shoulder muscles. Do not posture too stiff or fix a posture or angle for too long. Occasionally, you still need to rotate your neck and shoulders to relax the joints and muscles a bit, so that you will not feel sore. The cause of neck and shoulder muscle soreness may also be that the riding position is too front. At this time, you must adjust the bicycle settings, shorten the length of the stem or increase the height of the stem, or use a smaller size frame of the electric city bike.


71-2-electric assist mountain bike


2. Causes of arm pain and recovery methods


Causes of arm pain

Generally, people who are new to off road electric mountain bikes tend to tighten their arms because of tension. In addition, they don't use the strength of the waist muscles well. Finally, the weight of the entire upper body is pressed onto the arms. This riding habit will definitely put too much burden on the arm, and the arm cannot naturally absorb the ground impact force from the front, and soreness is inevitable. Coupled with the fact that you forget to relax your muscles occasionally while riding, even the golden-armed manwill not be able to withstand such damage.


Recovery method

When riding a peak electric mountain bike, you should slowly learn to use the waist muscles to share the weight of supporting the upper body. However, you should pay more attention to the relaxation of the arm muscles when riding, especially the elbow should not be straightened. It must be slightly curved, so that the arm muscles can have enough flexibility to withstand the ground impact transmitted by the front handle, the weight of the upper body supported by the rear, and the pinching of these two forces before and after. If after cycling for a period of time, the soreness of the arm still occurs without improvement, and the waist cannot bear the weight of the upper body, it is very likely that your trek commuter ebike is set incorrectly, causing the riding position to be too forward, causing too much weight on the arm.



3. Causes of low back pain and recovery methods


Causes of low back pain

Low back pain is the biggest hidden killer of cycling pain. Since we rarely use the waist muscles, coupled with some wrong riding postures and habits, low back pain is not uncommon, and the long-term health hazards deserve our special attention.


Recovery method

As long as you can find the correct posture of riding powerful electric bikes, and slowly learn to use the waist muscles, waist strength can be quickly improved, and waist soreness can be reduced or eliminated due to the increase in muscle strength. If the electric mountain bike setting is incorrect, adjust the bicycle setting at this time, shorten the length of the stem or increase the height of the stem, or use a smaller frame to reduce the use of waist muscles, reducing the occurrence of low back pain.

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