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Do You Know about Olympic Cycling?

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The Olympic Games were first held in 1896. With the development of more than 100 years, the Olympic Games events are also gradually increasing. Cycling is one of the most popular competitions in the Olympic Games. During the competition, athletes are not allowed to ride electric sports bicycles. They are riding special bicycles for competition.


Bicycles bring convenience to people's life. Nowadays, emotion electric bike has become a necessary means of transportation for many people. Electric city bicycle has the advantages of light weight, small size and environmental protection. It is more convenient than a car. Although the electric folding bicycle has many advantages, it can't be used in the Olympic cycling. 


34-2-50 mph electric bike 

Olympic Cycling Rules

Individual Competition

In the individual race, 2-4 athletes start from the same place at the same time and cycle around the field for three times, and the winner is the one who passes the final line first. The Olympic cycling is divided into qualification, 1/16 final, 1/8 final, resurrection, quarter final, semi-final and final. Starting from the quarter finals, the best of every three will advance to the next round.


Team Competition

Team competitions are usually played by two teams, each with three players. The first player of each team rides for one circle and then leaves the field. The second player enters the field for a circle and then leaves the field. The third player enters the field for another cycle. Finally, the total time taken by the three players is counted, and the one with short time wins. 


Individual Pursuit Race

During the match, the two players will start at the same time on both sides of the field. They move in the same direction, chasing around a circular court. The men's race is 4 km, while the women's race is 3 km. In the qualification competition, even if an athlete catches up with another athlete, he still needs to complete a 4km or 3km race to get results. In the final, once one player catches up with another, the game is over. 


Team Pursuit Race

In a game, there are two teams, each team has four players. The competition is divided into qualification, first round and final. The top 8 teams in the qualification enter first round, and the four teams that win in the first round enter the final. Two of the best teams competed for the first and second place, while the other two competed for the bronze medal. In the process of competition, the rules of team pursuit race and individual pursuit race are basically the same.


Ordinary people don't need to ride bicycles to compete, so fold up electric bikes are enough. We can go to and from work by electric mountain bike, or we can ride a 2000w electric bike to exercise in the park near our home. Compared with traditional bicycles, 2 wheel electric bikes can be driven not only by human but also by electricity. When we feel tired, we can use the battery to power the smart electric bicycle to drive it. In addition, assist hybrid electric bikes travel faster than traditional bicycles, making them one of the most popular means of transportation.

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