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Electric Bicycle: Maintenance Tools and Maintenance Guide

Views: 97     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-06-15      Origin: Site

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Like most other forms of transportation, electric trail bikes need some care and maintenance to make sure they work properly. Regular maintenance of your electric trike bike will help extend its life. The maintenance of most emotion electric bikes is simple. Here are some tips for maintaining an electric bike.



Tools Needed to Maintain Electric Bikes


You can put a portable toolbox on your electric folding bike to facilitate maintenance of your children electric bike. There should be brush, air pump, lubricating oil, spanner and other tools in the toolbox.



Tips for Maintaining Electric Bikes



The battery is a part that provides energy for compact electric bike, and it is also one of the most important parts of electric bicycle. At present, most electric bicycles are equipped with lithium batteries. The failure rate of lithium battery is low. As long as the normal use, the lithium battery will not have serious failure. But there are ways you can extend the life of lithium batteries.


First of all, before using lithium battery, be sure to read the product manual carefully, which can help you understand lithium battery better. Also, before each ride, try to fully charge the lithium battery to extend its life. When you don't use a lithium battery for a long time, you need to keep it in a dry place and avoid contact with high-temperature and low-temperature items. Also, you need to recharge the lithium battery occasionally, which helps prevent the battery from dying.

Battery box



The tires of cool electric bikes can directly affect your riding experience. The air pressure in the tire should be kept within the proper range. Too much air pressure will make the tire easy to be damaged, while the low pressure will make the tire wear more serious. Therefore, when you inflate a tire, you should know the proper pressure range of the tire. If you find that the tire of electric bicycle is seriously worn, you need to replace it in time to avoid affecting the safety of riding. Sometimes, tires can be cut by sharp objects. You can prepare a kit for temporary repair of tires.



The brake of smart electric bicycle is closely related to the safety of riding. So before you cycle, you need to check whether the brakes of the electric bicycle work properly. If the brake is severely worn, it needs to be replaced in time. It is normal that the new brake may make noise during the period of time it has just been used. But if your brakes are still noisy after a period of time, you need to check if other parts of the folding electric mountain bike have failed.

31-3-electric folding bike



Most of the frames of electric mountain bikes are made of metal, with a layer of paint on the surface to prevent the metal from rusting. If you accidentally bump into some objects, such as railings, trees, etc. while riding, it may cause the paint to fall off. At this point, you need to paint the frame in time to avoid rusting. You also need to keep the frame clean. You should use water and cloth to clean the soil and dust on the frame regularly.


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