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Electric Bicycle: What Should I Do if the LED Screen is Abnormal?

Views: 57     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-12-21      Origin: Site

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At present, most electric bicycles are equipped with LED displays. LED display can display various parameters of cube electric mountain bike, such as tire pressure, battery power, driving speed and so on. Because LED display screen is an electronic product, it is easy to be damaged. So what should we do when the LED display on the power assisted mountain bike is abnormal?


Generally speaking, the reason why the LED display can not work properly is that the power supply, motherboard, control card, wire and other parts have problems. If only part of the LED screen does not work properly, this is mostly caused by abnormal power supply. Abnormal power supply may be due to power damage, or power line loosening. If the power supply is damaged, you need to replace the new power supply. If the wire is loose, you just need to fix the wire. 

26-1-cube electric mountain bike


If there is a blurred screen in a position of the LED display of the electric mountain bike, it may be that there is something wrong with the motherboard or the cable in this position. It's also possible that something else on the motherboard is out of order. At this point, you need to replace the new motherboard.


If the entire LED screen of the lightweight electric mountain bike is blurred, you need to replace a brand new control card. At this point, you'd better find professional maintenance personnel to deal with this problem. 


If the LED display of the electric bike is crushed in use, or the LED display does not light up normally, you can try to restart the LED display of the specialized battery mountain bike. Generally, this situation is due to the abnormal software in the system, resulting in the LED display can not work properly. It may also be caused by lack of memory. You can try to delete useless files, such as pictures or videos.


Various parameters are displayed on the display of carbon electric mountain bike, which are monitored by various instruments or electronic parts. If the parameters of the all mountain e bike can not be displayed normally on the LED screen, it may be that the electronic parts of the monitoring parameters have failed. In this case, you need to have professional maintenance personnel to check your battery operated mountain bike. After determining the cause of the failure of the electric bicycle, they will repair or replace the broken electronic parts. 


You need to replace the new LED screen if the LED screen of the electric car is damaged due to impact. During daily use, if you often expose your electric bike to rain, its LED screen may be damaged by water. The above faults need to be handled by professional personnel. Note that the LED screen also has a service life, if your LED screen suddenly fails after many years of use, this may mean that its service life has been exhausted, you need to replace a new screen. You also upgrade the system and the software of the electric bicycle regularly to make sure the LED screen works normally.


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