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Electric Bike Batteries: How to Choose the Right Battery

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Battery is one of the most important components of e city bike. Your electric city bike can not start without a good battery. Battery technology is developing rapidly, and there are many kinds of batteries on the market. The following describes the specific types of electric bike batteries and their respective characteristics.



Lead-acid Electric Bike Batteries


Lead acid electric bicycle battery is cheap and easy to recycle. However, the battery is not very stable, and it has a short life. If you need to use your 48v electric bike every day to and from work, you can't choose lead-acid batteries. 


There are several reasons why lead-acid batteries are cheap: they weigh twice as much as nickel-hydrogen batteries and three times as much as lithium batteries. Their available capacity is much lower than that of nickel-hydrogen batteries or lithium batteries. Their life is only half that of nickel-hydrogen or lithium batteries. 



Nickel-cadmium Electric Bike Batteries


Nickel-cadmium batteries have greater capacity than lead-acid batteries. However, nickel-cadmium batteries are more expensive. Moreover, cadmium is a substance that pollutes the environment and is difficult to recover. on the other hand, the life of nickel-cadmium batteries will be longer than that of lead-acid batteries. However, because nickel-cadmium batteries are difficult to recycle, it is being phased out. therefore, this battery is also not suitable for use.

6-2-commute electric folding bike



Nickel-metal Hydride (NiMh) Electric Bike Batteries


NiMh batteries are more efficient but more expensive than nickel-cadmium batteries. On the other hand, their capacity is larger and easier to recycle. Nevertheless, the number of foldable e bike with NiMh batteries is small, because most best folding electric bikes use lithium-ion batteries.



Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Electric Bike Batteries


This battery has become the preferred battery for most e mountain bikes on the market. However, there are many different kinds of lithium-ion batteries. On the other hand, lithium-ion batteries have longer life and have larger capacity than other batteries. However, lithium-ion batteries need to work in a safe environment, otherwise they can easily fail or even catch fire. Of course, at present, they are all safe products. These types of batteries are expensive and will not be cheaper in the future. There will be more and more smart electric bikes to install this battery.



Lithium-ion Polymer (Li-pol) Electric Bike Batteries


This is a new battery that can be shaped into interesting shapes. Also, this battery does not contain liquid inside, so it does not require a heavy protective case. In addition, the stability of this battery is better than that of other batteries, and it is not easy to be damaged and overcharged. At present, this kind of battery is mainly used in electric enduro bike.



Lithium Cobalt (LCO) Electric Bike Batteries


This is another kind of lithium-ion battery. It has higher energy density than ordinary lithium-ion battery, so it is lighter and more efficient. This kind of battery is also used in electric pedal bikes, which can reduce the load of electric street bikes, so that electric bicycles can travel further. But at present, the practical application of this battery is less, and further research is needed to determine whether it is more suitable for electric bicycle.


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