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Electric Bikes - the Perfect Cycling Choice

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Electric bicycles are very suitable for China's national conditions and are a promising green transportation tool. Its promotion and application is a major measure to solve the trip difficulties of ordinary people and alleviate air pollution. The electric bikes are currently the only types of electric vehicles with mature technology that can be mass-produced and commercialized. Other vehicles such as electric cars and electric buses are still far away from the commercial stage. Then do you know the advantages and development of electric bikes? In this article, we will tell you about it.


The Advantages of Electric Bikes


1. Zero emissions during travel, and no pollution to the atmosphere.


2. The price is cheap, which is around 2-3 thousand Yuan per piece. And the power consumption is only about 1 degree per hundred kilometers, which is easily acceptable to the common people.


3. It can travel 30-50 kilometers with charging once. It effectively solves the needs of urban bicyclists, so there is a large market demand.


4. Users can use them during the day and charge at midnight, which is beneficial to the power sector to balance the load.


5. The speed is not high, about 15 kilometers per hour, especially the smart electric bicycles with light pedals.


6. Generally speaking, it will not produce the threat of safety issues to other human-powered bicycles and pedestrians.


7. Most of the parts and accessories used are in common use to bicycles and it is easy to be repaired.


8. The large number of electric bicycles exported can generate a new industry and a valuable economy growth point.

76-electric mountain bicycle


The Development of Electric Bikes


The history of the development of electric bicycles in China is generally recognized as three stages, which are the initial stage of electric bicycles, the stage of initial large-scale production, and the stage of rapid development.


The initial stage of electric bicycles is also known as the early experimental production stage of electric bicycles. In terms of time, it is from 1995 to 1999. This stage is mainly to explore the key technologies of the four major parts of electric bicycles, the motor, battery, charger and controller.


The second stage is the initial large-scale production. The reason why the second stage is called initial large-scale production is that there are several opportunities to promote electric bicycles during this time period. They make the initial stage appearing new spring. At this stage, the development of the industry has entered large-scale production.


The third stage is from 2005 to the present. This stage is the over-speed development stage of electric bicycles and it is also called the "Blowout Stage" by the industry. During this period, the technical level of the whole industry has been greatly improved, and the battery life and capacity have increased by 35%, which pushes the development of electric bikes industry rapidly. Now, China's light electric vehicle production and sales have occupied for more than 90% of the world, and China has become the world's largest light electric bike producer, consumer and exporter.


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