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Environmental protection - Electric bicycles are good for environmental protection

Views: 136     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-04-24      Origin: Site

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We know that the electric bicycles are a kind of green personal transportation. Since the 1990s, the electric bicycle industry has developed rapidly and has made outstanding contributions to energy saving and emission reduction. This article explains the role of the electric bike for the development of Green China from multiple perspectives.


As everyone knows that the invention of the automobile has greatly shortened the distance of society, and has profoundly changed the production and lifestyle of human beings. And the invention and application of electric power have brought industry from the steam engine era into the electric power era. But these two great inventions were not combined from the beginning. The car chose oil and missed electricity. This choice causes serious consequences. The automobile burns oil resources every day that have been formed over millions of years. After just a century, humans have consumed half of their oil reserves and produced a large amount of exhaust gas, which has caused increasingly serious environmental pollution, and led to global warming. It is severely endangering the living environment of humans and other animals and plants, and endangering the present and future healthy life of human. At the same time, for economic development, all countries are competing for oil and energy, which has brought constant international disputes and caused instability to the lives of people in all countries.


Under the two major international backgrounds of energy crisis and environmental pollution brought by oil and coal, people are turning their attention to the electricity converted from solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, tidal energy, and nuclear energy in nature in order to overcome the energy crisis and environmental pollution of the world. Electric vehicles are a new type of transportation generated under this background. And city electric bikes are used by more and more people. Its basic idea is to replace non-renewable resources of petroleum with renewable electric energy since it is without emissions and exhaust pollution. The electric bike plays important role of pushing forward the development of Green China, and its contribution is obvious.

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Comparing two-wheeled electric bicycles with two-wheeled motorcycles, each motorcycle travels an average of 10,000 kilometers per year with an average fuel consumption of 2 liters/100 kilometers and 200 liters (148.2 kg) per year. If the lifespan is eight years, the fuel consumption will be 1185.6 kg. Now there are around 169 million electric bicycles of city in our country, which saves 25.04 million tons of gasoline each year for the country, which accounts for more than 15% of the country's total gasoline demand. The consumption of automobiles is even more impressive. From a global perspective, automobile oil consumption accounts for about 50% of global oil consumption. If electric bicycle with two wheels replace some gasoline vehicles in the next few years, the gasoline savings will be even greater. In industrialized countries, the safety of their petroleum strategy is listed as an important content. Therefore, with the increasing shortage of petroleum resources, the industry of electric bike has paid more and more attention from industrialized countries as the way of transportation for large fuel users.


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