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Features of Electric Bike

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Cybic electric bike is a promising green transportation tool. Its promotion and application can solve the difficulties of ordinary people traveling and alleviate urban air pollution. Large or small electric bicycles are also the only type of electric vehicles with mature technology that can be mass-produced and commercialized. Others, such as electric cars and electric buses, are still far away from the commercialization stage.


The batteries of electric bicycles are now mainly lithium batteries. In the electric bicycle lithium battery, the PACK scheme of 18650 batteries is the main. Because it is convenient in series and parallel connection, cost-effective, and the market for various supporting materials is mature. Electric bicycle batteries are divided into voltages: 36V, 48V, 60V. The common ones in China are mainly 48V electric bike and 60V electric bike. Most other countries are 36V electric bikes.


The Advantages And Disadvantages of Electric Bike


The advantages of electric bicycles are reflected in the following aspects.


1. The price of electric bicycles is much cheaper than motorcycles, and electric bicycles are suitable for working people. You can choose 30 mph electric bike, 60 mph electric bike or 70 mph electric bike according to the distance to work.


2. Step on not tired. Since the electric bicycle is driven by a battery and a motor, it can travel automatically without stepping on it. For people who work hard every day, it is much more convenient and easier than bicycles.


3. Fast speed. Although not as good as motorcycles, electric bicycles are much faster than pedal bicycles.


4. It is convenient to go to work. If the company is very close to the place of residence, it is very convenient to use an electric bicycle or electric commuter bike to commute to and from get off work if it is about 5 kilometers away.


5. E-bikes are easy to learn. It's not as difficult to learn as a motorcycle. As long as you can ride a bicycle, Cybic electric bicycles are quick to learn. The only thing to note is that you are not familiar with button operations, brakes, etc. at first, so be sure to slow down.


6. The safety of electric bicycles. Because the speed is slower than motorcycles and easier to control than motorcycles, safety can be assured.

3-2-30 mph electric bike 

The disadvantages of electric bicycles are reflected in the following aspects.


1. It is easy to puncture. If it is a better quality electric bicycle, of course there is no problem.


2. The battery is easily discharged. If you run too far or carry too heavy luggage, it is easy to drain the battery.


3. It is Inconvenient charging. For example, if an electric bicycle suddenly runs out of power on the road, you can only push a heavy vehicle and walk slowly. It would be better if you can step on it. But if you want to find a place to charge, it may be a little troublesome. Because it is not as popular as motorcycles and cars, there are naturally not as many charging stations as gas stations.


4. Electric bicycles are only suitable for running short distances. Due to battery capacity limitations, electric bicycles generally have a range of about 20 to 40 kilometers, and the farthest 80 kilometers are basically capped, so it is generally only suitable for activities within a range of 5 to 10 kilometers.


5. The battery is seriously aging. The maximum age of an electric bicycle battery generally does not exceed 3 years.


6. Easily stolen. If the battery box is not locked, or the electric bicycle itself is not locked, it is easy to be targeted by thieves.


Overall, electric bicycles have pros and cons. Lithium batteries are light and environmentally friendly. Once the application technology is mature and the market sales increase, the price of lithium battery electric bicycles will definitely come down.


Cybic Intelligent Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in bicycle development and trading. We make great efforts to establish long-term cooperation relationship with customers in various countries by distributing bicycle products with the best quality and reasonable price.

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