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How Does Electric Bike Develop under the Sharing Economy?

Views: 148     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-04-12      Origin: Site

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Since the concept of the shared bikes was put forward, there are many shared bikes appeared successively in the visual field of people. It was predicted earlier that more manufacturers or companies will join this battlefield and grab the cake of the last mile travel market. Of course, the electric bikes are also being accepted by most of people due to its characteristics of convenience and flexibility, and it is becoming a new trend in the personal travel market. Therefore, how should the stores of traditional bike industry manage and grasp the biggest advantage of the bicycle’s development? How electric bike develops under the sharing economy? Firstly, let us to get to know some correlative issues about it.


Is bike sharing a solution to travel or cycling? It is undeniable that the emergence of the shared bikes will hit part of the vehicle market dedicated to solving travel. When the border between travel and cycling is blurred, electric bikes solve the problem of peoples short distance travel. And the bike shops have no worries about cycling and travel. For them, these two problems can be solved together, and the boundary between travel and cycling can be diminished.


Are there any advantages to the bike for cycling? The answer is rather vague. It is a solution of travel problems and does not belong to the scope of sports. To a certain extent, it can change the public's view of the travel way, or agree with the way of travel. Of course, it is also possible to transform into a sports cyclist. After all, it also has the function of exercise when riding.


What is more, the government and the private sector have been advocating and encouraging the public to use the low-carbon, environmentally-friendly and green travel way as much as possible. The bicycles can be regarded as conforming to the trend and it easily attracts the attention of the market and capital. Therefore, the city bikes can arouse public interest in cycling, but to a certain extent, it still cannot meet the cycling needs of the public.

74-braking of a bicycle


As everyone knows that our country is a bicycle country, it is also a big pie in the travel market. But it is still a long-term goal for the public to change from the current travel mode to the cycling hobby. To a certain extent, the advantages of electric bikes let many people choose it as short distance travel way. But on the other hand, in the face of traditional heavy electric motorcycles, the lightness of electric bike caters to the aesthetics of more people. With the continuous update of technology, maybe electric bike will become more popular. Let's take a look, from car sharing to bicycle sharing and from various forms of personal travel to the electric bike, whether the advantages of electric bike can occupy the market of sharing bike in the future? Maybe it will face the strong challenge. Anyhow, motorcycles will change the current travel market and lead new travel trends.


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