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How Does The Electric Bike Work?

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Smart e bicycles have many benefits. Since electric bicycles are driven by batteries and motors, they can travel automatically without stepping on them. For people who work hard every day, it is much more convenient and easier than bicycles. If the company is very close to the place of residence, it is still very convenient to use an electric bicycle to commute to and from get off work if it is about 5 kilometers away.

Electric bicycles allow all kinds of people to exercise outdoors, and there are many choices of electric bicycles, such as commute 36v electric folding bike, folding mountain e bike and electric bike for city. Many people choose 20 inch folding e bike instead of driving to reduce emissions and reduce traffic congestion.


This article explains the basics of how electric bicycles work.


How Electric Bicycles Work?


Electric bicycles are environmentally friendly vehicles with electric drive, pedal drive, and the combined use of electricity and pedals. The electric bicycle is composed of a set of motor drive mechanism on the basis of the bicycle, and its battery transmits power to a motor through a controller.


The motor is generally placed in the rear wheel, and the rotation of the motor drives the bicycle to travel. The controller of the electric bicycle is connected to a speed control handle, and a booster sensor is installed on the pedal shaft. Rotating the speed control handle can control the speed of the motor.


In fact, the pedal of an electric bicycle is not just a pedal, but a drive system with a power transmission chain and a pedal function. With its existence, once there is no power in the middle or the circuit breaks down, it can be driven by manpower to continue driving. When the electric assist mountain bike was first designed, the function of the pedals was not only the function of manual driving, but also the function of the driver's feet on the pedals, the center of gravity will be lower, and it will be more stable and safer.


Cybic E-legend Specialized Electric Bike


The simple frame of e-legend adopts a linear design, with obvious edges and corners on the side, and two regular triangular shapes. As a recreational vehicle, e-legend has passed ISO standard strength test, vibration test, fatigue test and pedal test. 


Cybic adopts the integrated design of battery and down tube, which can retain the smooth line sexy of the legend to the greatest extent. The thickness of the battery box is 2.5mm to better protect the central power system. The whole body waterproof design is also in line with the positioning of recreational vehicles, which is suitable for all kinds of day riding.


In addition to leisure models, Cybic also has cube electric mountain bike, battery powered city bike and urban commuting ebike. You can choose the right one according to the purpose. 


Due to battery capacity limitations, electric bicycles generally have a range of about 20 to 40 kilometers, and the farthest 80 kilometers are basically capped. Therefore, electric bicycles are generally only suitable for activities within 5 to 10 kilometers. If you plan to buy a bicycle, you need to consider the issue of nearby charging stations.


Cybic Intelligent Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in bicycle development and trading. We make great efforts to establish long-term cooperation relationship with customers in various countries by distributing bicycle products with the best quality and reasonable price.

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