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How Electric Bikes Work?

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Electric bicycles are driven by a motor driven by battery discharge. Although most of electric bicycles have the appearance characteristics of ordinary bicycles, and even motorcycles, they are installed on the basis of ordinary bicycles with operating components such as motors, controllers, batteries, handlebars, and display instrument systems.


The Working Principle of Electric Bikes Work


Specifically, an electric bicycle is a green and environmentally friendly transportation tool with electric drive, pedal drive, and combined use of electricity and pedals. The principle and structure of an electric bicycle are not complicated. It can be considered to be composed of a set of motor drive mechanism on the basis of the bicycle. The storage battery sends power to a motor through a controller.


The motor is placed in the rear wheel, and the rotation of the motor drives the bicycle to travel. The controller of the electric bicycle is connected with a speed control handle, and a booster sensor is installed on the pedal axis. Rotating the speed control handle allows the controller to detect different voltage values. According to the voltage value, the controller analogly adjusts the level of voltage delivered to the motor, thereby controlling the speed of the motor.


From the working principle of the above electric bicycles, we can clearly see that although the smart ebike motor is a distinctive feature that distinguishes electric bicycles from ordinary bicycles, it cannot exist or operate independently. On the contrary, it can work with many other important components, such as chargers, batteries, controllers, and bicycle transmission systems.


There are a wide range of electric bicycles on the market, such as folding electric bike, trek e mountain bike, commute electric folding bike and metro electric bike. How to choose depends on your specific needs. In order to better choose the right style, you need to understand in advance how the components of the electric bicycle work together and their various ways.


6-2-commute electric folding bike

The following will outline the main types of motors, batteries and transmission systems currently used on electric bicycles so that you can begin to determine the ideal appearance of an electric bicycle.




The most important accessory of an electric bicycle is the motor. The motor of an electric bicycle basically determines the performance and grade of the car. The motor is a component that converts battery electrical energy into mechanical energy and drives the electric wheels to rotate.


The hub motor is located in the hub of one wheel of the bicycle and can provide propulsion by rotating any wheel connected to it. In addition, the application of medium drive motors is becoming more and more widespread. In-wheel motor technology is also called in-wheel motor technology. Its biggest feature is that it integrates the power unit, transmission and braking device into the hub, which greatly simplifies the mechanical part of the electric vehicle.





Efficient and lightweight rechargeable batteries ensure that electric bicycles have a reliable source of power, thereby helping to create a more enjoyable and effective riding experience.


In the past few decades, the development of batteries has had a direct impact on the development of electric bicycles. After these lighter and more efficient rechargeable batteries became cheaper and more portable, electric bicycle manufacturers began to use them to create more visually appealing and lighter electric bicycles. It can be proven by the high-efficiency rechargeable batteries used in crosscity e bike, specialized e mountain bike and electric assist mountain bike.




On most standard bicycles, the power transmission system is almost always fixed to the rear wheel and consists of a crank, a chain and some kind of gear system. Since professional electric bicycles focus on providing efficient, convenient and barrier-free transportation, we mainly focus on multi-gear transmission systems.


The motor, battery and drivetrain outlined above are the most common factors that distinguish electric bicycles from ordinary bicycles, and which are also key factors that we should not ignore when buying electric bicycles.


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