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How Many Charging Cycles Does the Electric Bicycle Battery Have?

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Battery is one of the key parts of electric city bicycle. If the battery quality of your electric bicycle is not good, or you do not maintain it well, it will seriously affect the performance of the 60 mph electric bike. In fact, the charging cycle of each battery is limited. If the battery's charging cycle is exhausted, it means you need to replace a new battery.


30-2-folding electric bike


What Is the Charging Cycle?


Charging cycle refers to the process of battery power from 0 to 100%. If you fill a battery with no electricity at all, it means a charging cycle is consumed. In general, the number of the charging cycle of charging bicycle battery is 600. When the battery is fully filled, it can drive your smart e bicycle for about 30 miles. So a new battery can drive your electric street bike 18000 miles over its life. 


Charge cycle and charge times are two different concepts. In daily life, people basically don't use up the electric energy in the battery completely and then fill the battery. For example, if the battery is 50% left, filling the battery will only consume half a charging cycle. In addition, recharging the battery after it is completely used up will shorten the battery life, so try not to do so. 



Other Factors Affecting Charging Cycle


Of course, the number of charging cycles can also be affected by factors such as the time and use mode of the battery of your folding electric bike. But the charging cycle does not suddenly run out. Even if you do not use the folding pedal assist bike for a long time, or do not maintain the battery, the charging cycle of the battery will not be completely consumed, will only be partially consumed.


If your electric bike's battery is used for more than two years, you will find that the range of your lightweight foldable electric bike will gradually decline, even if the battery charging cycle is not exhausted. In general, the best performance of the battery will last for two years. After two years, the performance of the battery will gradually decline. But as long as your battery is maintained regularly and the battery is not damaged, it should be able to work properly for several years.


It can be seen from the above that the performance and service life of mini folding electric bike battery are related to charging cycle, time and usage. Therefore, the most important thing is to maintain the battery of powerful folding electric bike regularly. Only through maintenance can the battery prolong its service life as much as possible and make it in the best performance. When maintaining the battery, avoid contact with high or low temperature objects. If you don't use the battery for a long time, you need to keep it in a dry place and charge it regularly. Frequent charging can prolong the battery's life, but each charge should not be too long and do not need to be filled. 


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