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How can Female Cyclists Prevent Saddle Soreness and Related Problems

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People are paying more attention to the bicycle-related conditions suffered by men than women. But we ladies usually suffer more painful than men when riding electric mountain bikes. In addition, media of powerful electric bikes is usually male-centric, so it's no surprise that this topic receives little attention. The following article will introduce you to the following issues: explanations of the causes of saddle soreness; descriptions of various problems; advice on how to treat them and when to seek medical help; and advice on how to avoid all these problems.

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Causes of saddle soreness


When a female cyclist rides a rocky mountain e-bike, her vulva (not meant to bear weight) may bear 40% of her body weight. Do this for a few hours and things will become very unpleasant. In addition, when you want to speed things up, you need to keep improving, and you are likely to encounter problems. Most of the problems are caused by the problems encountered by men, but men can put their parts in front, and basically do not cause harm. Unfortunately, we really have no choice but to sit next to us.



Research on Soreness of Female Bicycle Riders


Researchers found that competitive female cyclists had significantly increased numbness and pain, and significantly reduced genital sensation (compared to female runners). Not only that, but 64% of female cyclists riding cheap fast electric bikes feel pain and numbness in their genitals. Even more shocking is that 10% of people have suffered injuries, including compression of the pudendal nerves and damage to soft tissues and lymphatic vessels.



Saddle Soreness caused by Cycling (including abrasions, folliculitis and boils)


Saddle soreness refers to the entire painful condition caused by the friction between the body and the specialized electric mountain bike. They are by far the most common problems encountered by women who often ride electric downhill bikes.



Cycling bruises-the slightest saddle soreness


It starts with a simple scrape, which usually affects the inner thigh. Repeated movement of the saddle can easily cause bruises. Add in the bacteria that may be present in the suede area of the bicycle shorts, and you will have a bad experience when continue riding a peak electric mountain bike. Scuffing itself is not a serious problem, but it can be very uncomfortable.



When to see saddle sore, folliculitis


If an infection develops, you may need an antibiotic prescription. If you have a fever (especially chills), you must see a doctor; or your lymph nodes are swollen; or the skin around the infected area turns red or red streaks; or the pain gets worse.



How can female cyclists prevent saddle soreness (including bruises, saddle sores, folliculitis and boils) caused by cycling


All these ills start from scratches, so it is best to solve them by preventing scratches. Specifically, you need to study two key things: good adaptability of electric city bikes and a good saddle. The purpose is to avoid repeated friction.



How to treat abrasions caused by saddle sore, folliculitis, etc.


If you have an infection, use a thin layer of antibiotic ointment, such as Neosporin. This applies to bruises, saddle sores, folliculitis and boils.


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