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How to Buy A Good Electric Bicycle?

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Electric bicycles are favored by many consumers for their light, economical and environmentally friendly features. In addition to the urban electric bike used for commuting, electric bicycles also include specialised electric mountain bike, city folder electric bike and full size folding e bike.


6-2-commute electric folding bike

Several Characteristics of Electric Bicycles


1. The electric bicycle has zero emissions during travel and does not pollute the atmosphere;


2. Compared with motorcycles and cars, the price of The electric bicycle is relatively low;


3. The electric bicycle can travel 30-50 kilometers on a single charge. The electric bicycle can meet the needs of urban biking commuters and has a large market demand;


4. The speed is about 15 kilometers per hour, especially the smart electric bicycles with light pedals, which will not pose a threat or safety problem to other human-powered bicycles and pedestrians;


5. Most of the parts used are common to bicycles and easy to repair;


6. Users use it during the day and charge at midnight, which is beneficial to the power sector to balance the load;


7. The mass market and export of smart motion e bikes can generate new industries and valuable economic growth points.


Common Precautions of Buying Electric Bicycles


1. When buying an electric bicycle, pay special attention to the brand. Don't choose those electric bicycles that are not particularly good because of the low price.


2. When buying an electric bicycle, look at the appearance and check whether there is any paint drop. In addition, there are trademarks and other parts that must be checked carefully.


3. When buying an electric bicycle, pay attention to checking its function. For relatively simple electric bicycles, there are not many functions, and it is faster to get familiar with them. For those electric bicycles with more functions, it is necessary to check whether all aspects of the function are normal.


4. When buying an electric car, check the speed and braking effect. These two functions are more commonly used. Specifically, you can directly prop up the rear support of the electric car, and then run the electric car to see if the effect of shifting and braking is good.


5. There are various styles of electric vehicles. If you usually just use an electric car to commute to get off work, you can buy the standard city commuter electric bike directly. The power of this electric car is generally not particularly large. If you use electric vehicles as your main means of transportation, you can choose one with more functions, such as all terrain electric bike and folding electric mountain bike.


6. Reasonably choose the specifications of electric vehicles. If it is only used by one person, you can directly buy a small budget electric bike. If you still need to carry something, you can choose a slightly larger electric cargo bike.

7. When buying an electric car, in addition to checking the appearance and assembly, it is best to try on the spot whether the key and battery of the electric car are normal and whether it feels convenient to use.


The key to determining the quality of electric bicycles is the quality of the motor and battery. High-quality motors have low loss, high efficiency and long driving range. As for the battery, it is almost a decisive factor for the quality of an electric bicycle. Electric bicycles sold on the market basically use maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. This kind of battery has the characteristics of low price, excellent electrical performance, no memory effect, and convenient use, and its service life is basically 1 to 2 years.


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