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How to Clean Electric Bicycle?

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In daily life, electric bicycle is our main vehicle. After use smart e bike, the car will be stained with a lot of dust and soil, it not only affect the appearance of electric city bike, but also affect its performance. The following describes how to clean an electric bicycle. 

28-3-70 mph electric bike



How to Clean Electric Bicycles Correctly


Before cleaning, you need to prepare some rags, neutral detergents, hydraulic giants, buckets and other tools.


First of all, you need to use a rag or brush to remove dust from the surface of the electric commuter bike. You can also rinse with a hydraulic giant and then scrub the electric bicycle with a rag. But when rinsing, rinse from the top of the electric bicycle and avoid key parts such as motors, batteries and circuits. 


After that, you need to pour the appropriate amount of neutral detergent into the bucket and add water to the bucket. Then you can wet a rag in the bucket and use it to wipe the electric drift bike. Attention should be paid to scrubbing the bottom of the electric bicycle, the bottom generally has a lot of dust and soil. 


Finally, you need to dry the electric hybrid bike. This step is important because water may cause short circuit and damage the bike. You need to use a dry rag to dry the electric bike. After drying, place the electric bicycle in a ventilated place for a period of time to dry the moisture thoroughly. 



Precautions When Cleaning an Electric Bicycle


When cleaning electric folding bikes, do not wet the electrical parts such as charging ports and wires. If a short circuit is caused, the bicycle will be damaged. 


To regularly clean foldable electric cycles, generally, every 10 to 20 days to clean. Too frequent cleaning will make electric bikes more prone to rust, while long time without cleaning will cause a lot of dust and stains remain on the 70 mph electric bike. These dust and stains may cause brake failure, short circuit or steering failure of electric bicycle. 


When cleaning, be sure to use a special cleaning agent. Do not use washing powder, detergent and other cleaning agents. Although these cleaning agents can clean the electric bicycle, they may cause irreversible damage to the surface of the electric bicycle. 


When cleaning the electric urban bike, it is best to remove the battery before cleaning. Battery is one of the key components of electric bicycle, it should be avoided contact with water as far as possible. If you find some rust on the battery, then you need to check if the liquid in the battery is leaking. If there is no leakage, use hot water to scrub the rust on the surface of the battery and the pole column. After drying, it is best to use sandpaper to thoroughly remove the rust on the pole column and joint to ensure that the battery is in good contact with the circuit. 


After cleaning, it is better to add some lubricating oil to the transmission parts to prevent them from being worn.


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