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Preferred Means of Transport for Short Travels

Views: 74     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-06-19      Origin: Site

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Nowadays, there are a large number of metro electric bikes on the streets for citizens to use. But earlier this year, some citizens found that electric bicycles lacked power. In the months after that, the batteries of our electric city bikes in the Bay Area also broke down. These problems led us to work with a new battery supplier and led us to redesign the power system of the electric urban bike. After the new electric bicycle was designed, we did a lot of tests to make sure it was safe enough. We expect to launch this new type of electric bicycle on the streets in the winter of this year, so that the citizens can have a better riding experience. 



Lowering Upfront Pricing For Electric Bikes

Before the power issue, we stipulated that our users would have to pay $2 each time they used the best city e bike. This will help us recover the cost and give us enough money to maintain these electric enduro bikes. But a large number of users have made suggestions to us, and they feel that the fixed charge of $2 is unreasonable. Therefore, we have decided to implement a new charging standard. If you are a member of us, you only need to pay $0.1 per minute when using an electric fat bike, and $0.15 for a non member. Now, you need to pay according to your riding time.


For members, the maximum cost of each time they use an electric pedal bike is $2. We have also cancelled the two minute waiting period for our members to change their electric racing bikes more quickly. In addition to launching electric bicycles in cities, we have also launched some mountain electric bicycles in the suburbs and mountainous areas. Mountain electric bikes are ideal for riding in steep terrain.


Pricing according to the user's riding time reflects the operation cost of electric bicycle more accurately. Because longer riding time will consume more battery life. This new pricing structure can help us to provide better service for users.

32-2-electric kick bike



Lowering Extra Time Fees


At present, we are also reducing and simplifying the additional time cost. Members will now pay $0.15 per minute after the included 45 minutes, instead of a full $2.50 every 15 minutes.Riders with a single ride pass will also pay $0.15 per minute after the included 30 minutes. These changes can help our users save more money. We only charge users according to the time of riding.


We are committed to continuously improving our electric recumbent bike system. In the future, we will launch more electric bicycles in various cities to cover more people. It is estimated that over a period of time, the number of our electric bicycles will exceed 40000. In this way, we can provide more convenient travel for more consumers. Moreover, electric bicycle is an environmentally friendly way to travel, even more environmentally friendly than buses and subways. If you travel a short distance, it is recommended that you choose an electric bicycle. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us.

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