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Riding|Preparation Before Riding

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Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection. It is something that many people like to do to enjoy the natural scenery by riding affordable electric bikes on their rest days. Make some necessary preparations before riding, so as not to encounter some troubles on the road and affect your good mood.


When we want to ride electric mountain bikes for long distances, we all need at least a basic tool/emergency kit and knowledge of how to use the kit, unless the rider can get help at any time when needed. If you have never traveled more than a few miles, it may not be necessary to carry it. But if you ride commuter ebikes for a long distance and want to be self-reliant, you should seriously consider this. This list may sound like a lot of things, but in fact, it weighs only a few pounds and is packed in a small bag under the seat, but if you are worried about theft, you can also carry a small satchel with you.

30-2-folding electric bike



Tools that should be in the toolkit


1. Multi-function tool

Most of the tools needed for repairing best foldable electric bikes are arranged compactly, which is convenient to carry and save space.


2. Mini pump

Actually, it is on your bicycle frame, which is too big for the luggage bag under most seats. But a good pump can save lives. Some people carry CO2 inflators, which are faster and easier to use on carbon electric bikes.


3. Repair kit

The repair kit is easy to use, light and compact. On the rear wheel of the battery mountain bike, repairing the tube is faster than replacing the tube because you can usually do this without removing the rear wheel at all.


4. A pair of disposable latex gloves

It is not absolutely necessary, but it can keep grease and dirt out of hands during maintenance. Also, it's nice to be in an emergency situation when it rains and the temperature drops by 20 degrees without standard gloves. Just keep your hands dry, but the direct wind makes a big difference in comfort.


5.Pencil and paper

If I need to write down something after getting information from the directory service, such as the license plate number or the phone number of the nearest taxi company, I need them and I usually put them in a small ziplock bag to avoid breakage.


6. Change

In case your phone battery runs out, you can still use the public phone when you are riding an ebike city folder on the road. Moreover, if you lose your wallet or encounter other unfortunate accidents, some change can be an emergency.



Bike body inspection


1. Check the battery level

It does not need to be fully filled, but it should be suitable for the time you take the electric mountain bicycle.


2. Check the tires

Inner tubes are permeable, and over time they lose air. Inflating the tires within the area printed on the sidewalls will help prevent air leakage and damage to the rim. Ground pumps with pressure gauges are a great choice at home. Gas station pumps have a much greater workload and are usually a bad idea for compact electric bike tires.


3. Make sure the front quick release fork is fastened

This is especially important if you regularly remove the front wheel to transport your folding electric mountain bike. Grab the two brakes and make sure they are in contact with the wheels. The brake pads will wear out over time, and eventually the cables will need to be adjusted.


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