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Service Life and Maintenance Method of Electric Bicycle Battery

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Battery is a key component of any electric trail bike. If you maintain the battery regularly, it can be used for many years. The following describes how you should maintain the battery of an electric tricycle bike to maximize its performance.


Nowadays, most of the batteries inside the electric fat mountain bike are lithium batteries, which look like super-large AA batteries. These batteries are assembled to produce a voltage of 36 volts or 48 volts and a specific capacity. The overall shape and physical size of the batteries determine how they are assembled and usually their capacity. 



The Difference between Lithium Batteries and Ordinary Batteries


A battery management system (BMS) is provided inside the housing of the lithium battery, which is a chip that controls how and when the power supply flows into or out of the battery. 


BMS can protect the battery from overcharging or undercharging. It can also balance the parameters of each battery, which can improve the performance of the battery and improve the performance of folding electric mountain bikes. 



Battery Life of Electric Bicycle


The best performance of your electric gravel bike battery should be able to maintain for two years, after which the battery performance will gradually decline. 


In fact, the charging period of lithium battery is limited, you can calculate the battery life according to this period. However, in real life, battery life will be affected by many factors. 


27-1-folding electric mountain bikes

A full charging cycle is from 0 to 100%. But most people don't fill the battery and don' t run out of electricity. 



How to Keep the Battery at Its Best


First of all, you need to charge the battery of the small folding e bike frequently. Second, you can't charge the battery after it's all used up. The electricity in the battery can be divided into two parts, and the electricity in the latter half is consumed faster than the first half. Therefore, you need often use your 26 inch electric folding bike, and also need often charge its battery. It is best to charge the battery when it has a small amount of electricity left. 



Use Smart Charger


Nowadays, many electric pedal bikes are equipped with smart chargers. Although some traditional chargers have faster charging speed, it usually shortens the battery life. And the smart charger can detect the battery power, once the battery has been filled, it will automatically stop charging the battery. After that, the indicator light on the charger will change from red to green.


Although the smart charger can power off automatically, it doesn't mean you can plug the plug into the socket for a long time. The induction device in the smart charger regularly releases pulse signals to detect the battery of the electric racing bike. If the battery is impacted by the pulse signal for a long time, its life will also be shortened. Normally, you can charge the electric suspension bike on Friday and unplug it until Monday, which will not shorten the battery life. When you don't use an electric bicycle for a long time, you also need to charge the battery every once in a while.


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