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Several State Laws for Electric Bicycles

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Electric city bike is still an irreplaceable short-distance transportation for office workers. In densely populated areas in cities, due to the large amount of electric urban bikes parked and unsatisfactory parking methods, some electric bicycles even occupy sidewalks and motor vehicle lanes, which brings hidden dangers to traffic safety, and brings troubles to urban security and urban management. Local and state governments have issued a series of related policies to address such problems in a targeted manner.


Mississippi State Electric Bike Laws


There is no legal definition of electric bicycles in Mississippi. Bicycles with electric motors do not meet the definition of motor vehicles. Citizens in Mississippi do not need a license or registration for electric bicycles. Electric bicycles do not require helmets.


Rules for cycling in Mississippi: It is up to the entity that creates the bike lanes and roads to decide whether to allow electric bicycles. For details, please refer to local regulations and check the restrictions on electric bicycles.

4-3-Electric bikes


Maryland State Electric Bike Laws


The state of Maryland (MD) stipulates that electric bicycles have fully operable pedals and a motor that does not exceed 500W. The motor of an electric bicycle has a maximum speed of 20 mph on a flat surface. In this case, 30 mph electric bike, 50 mph electric bike and even 70 mph electric bike are obviously restricted in the Maryland market. You do not need any permits or registration requirements to ride an electric bike in Maryland, but you must wear a helmet when you travel.


With the permission of the Maryland State Transportation Authority, an assist hybrid electric bike can be ridden on the road. Electric bike riders must succumb to pedestrians and road traffic.


Montana State Electric Bike Laws


The state of Montana (MT) stipulates that smart e bike has two operating pedals and is connected to a motor of no more than 500W. The speed must not exceed 30mph. The motor must not require a clutch or gear shift. The state does not require a license or registration for electric bicycles. In Montana, riders under 18 need helmets. Riders can ride on roads and bicycle lanes.


Nebraska State Electric Bike Laws


How does Nebraska define electric bicycles?


The state of Nebraska (NE) stipulates that an electric bicycle is a bicycle that is propelled by pedals or an electric motor not greater than 750W. The states electric bicycles have a brake motor horsepower maximum speed of 20mph. Nebraska does not require a license or registration for electric bicycles.


Unlike the above three states, Nebraska’s traffic laws clearly stipulate that all electric bicycle riders need helmets.


Road rules in Nebraska: electric bicycles including giant electric mountain bike, women electric mountain bike and collapsible e bike can be ridden on roads, bicycle lanes and bicycle lanes.


In addition to the four states mentioned above, other states' regulations on electric bicycles are nothing more than their definitions, licenses, helmet laws, and road rules. For our own personal safety, we should follow relevant road regulations.


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