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Some News about Electric Bicycles in 2021

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Regarding the electric bicycleit has won many loyal fans for its convenience and flexibility. At the same time, the controversy is caused due to the chaotic management of the industry and the inconsistent standards and policies in various regions. As long as the electric bicycle is encountered in many accidents, someone will ask for identification. In fact, this theory is not tenable and will mislead many people. This time, let's talk about some latest news of electric bicycles.


The old national standard GB17761-1999 for the electric bikes was released on May, 1999, and formally implemented on October, 1999. It has been almost 20 years until now. Regardless of the content or the problems encountered in actual operation, they cannot keep up with the development of the times. Therefore, the new national standard GB17761-2018 was released on May, 2018, and officially implemented on April, 2019. Let's first compare some obvious and important changes of the new and old national standards.


76-electric mountain bicycle

Definition of Electric Bicycle:


New national standard: a two-wheeled bicycle that is based on storage battery as auxiliary energy has pedal riding ability, and can realize electric assist or electric drive function.


Old national standard: Special bicycles that use vehicle batteries as auxiliary energy have two wheels that can realize human riding, electric or electric assist functions.


From the above, people can see that pedal riding ability is marked specially in new national standard. So, after the implementation of the new national standard, all electric bicycles that meet the license must have pedal function. But if you encounter an electric bicycle without a pedal function, it does not mean that it is a motor vehicle or it must be held responsible in the accident. It does not meet the national standard. That is to say, the safety performance is not good, and it does not have the pedal function. This is different from safety performance of the brake that does not meet the national standard.


About Skills Requirement:


The new national standard has improved the speed and quality of electric bicycles. On the one hand, consumers want higher, faster and stronger electric bicycles due to actual needs. On the other hand, the safety requirements for vehicles are also higher, including lighting. The old national standard only requires reflectors. Now it requires not only reflectors, but also front and rear lights. This is very important for electric vehicles for night riding. For bicycles, it is very good whether it is to look at the road conditions or to let the rear cars pay attention. At the same time, the new national standard also stipulates that there will be a sound when the speed exceeds 15km/h. This is derived from the provisions of Article 58 of the Road Traffic Safety Law: when disabled motorized wheelchairs and electric bicycles are driven in non-motorized lanes, the maximum speed shall not exceed 15 kilometers per hour.


In addition, there are some common provisions about it in the Road Traffic Safety Law and its implementation regulations. People should pay attention when driving the electric bicycles.


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