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The Classification of Bicycle Seats

Views: 184     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-30      Origin: Site

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We know that there are different kinds of bicycles on the market, such as electronic mountain bike, city common bike etc. it is the riding tool for people to use in daily life. And the bicycle seat is one of the important accessories of bicycle, which directly contacts the buttocks during riding. It is also called bicycle cushion in foreign name. Then do you know the classification of bicycle seat? In this article, we will tell you some knowledge about bicycle seat.


Usually the bicycle seat consists of 4 parts, and it can be roughly divided into two types. One is narrow and slender hard seat cushion. This narrow hard seat cushion is commonly used on the sports bikes, and is designed for high speed riding or competition. Another is a wide and soft comfortable seat cushion, which is commonly used on city classic bike or common electronic bike, which is designed for slow riding in daily life. Now we will introduce for you its classification in details as following.


Which 4 parts does the bicycle cushion consist of?


1. Surface material: It is the contact part with the buttocks. The air permeability and smoothness will affect the function.


2. Filling and shock-absorbing materials: Its function is to expand the contact surface between the buttocks and the seat cushion, and carry part of the vibration and bring comfort for people.


3. Bottom plate: It supports filling materials and weight, and also plays a role in alleviating vibration.


4. Seat bow: It bears the seat cushion and has the function of relieving vibration.


Two types of bicycle cushions


1. Narrow and slender hard seat cushion.


This narrow hard seat cushion is commonly used in professional mountain bicycles. The design is special for sports. When the pedaling speed is fast, the wide cushion is easy to rub the inner thighs and causes pains, and it also affects the pedaling action. So the design is slender and narrow, which effectively reduces the area of contact between the seat cushion and thigh. We know that the soft cushion cannot hold the body firmly and it will affect the pedaling efficiency. Because the buttocks are like a sofa, the soft cushion has a large contact area with the buttocks. If you step on it quickly, the buttocks will move all the time and cause pains due to excessive friction. So a hard cushion is more suitable and is helpful for fast pedaling action.


2. Wide and soft comfortable seat cushion.


In daily life, people are familiar with this bicycle seat, because many people ride the adults electronic bike to go to work every day. The wide and soft comfortable seat cushion is very comfortable when riding bike. The design is special for leisure-oriented bicycles. The wide seat cushion allows a larger support area between the seat cushion and the buttocks. The soft seat cushion can provide better comfort. And there is no need to consider that the wide and soft cushion is not suitable factors of high-speed pedaling due to the leisure-oriented purpose.


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